Win the 6 Challenges of Happy People

successful peopleDo you want to be happy, loved and healthy? Probably yes. Learn the tips that will help you to belong to happy people in the long run.

There are hundred of traps which will cause that you are not among successful people. ….

1. Happy people can handle being overwhelmed.

Let’s say that you have noticed a lump on your right breast. You are stressed, but busy with your work and also have problems with your boyfriend. He started to be abusive so it is difficult for you to share your health problem with him. You intended to go on lovely holiday with him, but the vision of happy life then seems to be demolished.

You might feel overwhelmed with the situation. The first step to take is to make a list of all the obstacles that sabotages your success and happiness. Then choose one, relatively easy obstacle and start working on that.

2. Happy people ace the problem

What do you do not to face the truth? One more bar of chocolate, one soap opera or call to your friend, who reassures you that your lump is nothing serious? Be honest and brutal. Note your avoidance techniques in the journal of success.

3. Happy people choose wise advisers during the time of failure?

4. Happy people earn from mistakes

Some of them are really big. You might be living with an abusive boyfriend, but have not noticed the red flags when they appeared. Breaking up is the last option, although it might be necessary. before that, check your behaviour and communication patterns; which may worsen the situation. How about your crying, nagging him or being resentful? What are you going to do the next time to avoid the same mistake? Write down your solutions in the journal of success.

5. Happy people set realistic goals?

I have written many times about proper goal setting. But you often take too much on your shoulders or ignore the threats. Let’s say that you like doing exercises and visit the gym regularly. Be aware that you will not become a super fit person within a week.

Setting realistic goals means that you define precise amount of time needed to achieve that goal. Let it be challenging for you, but not too difficult. Define clearly what kind of fitness that you want to achieve – e.g how many workouts you can do lifting weights. Add write down your plan in the journal of success.

Achieve success

Look at your life. What is your biggest problem at the moment? Make the list of obstacles to win, helpful people to support you and set a realistic goal with achievable action plan. Then take the first step to achieve the goal.

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