Trillion Awesome Ways To Help Other People


Many readers ask me the question: “How to help other people?”. Today I will give you some excellent ideas of doing decent deeds to others.

“Be true to yourself, help others, make each day your masterpiece, make friendship a fine art, drink deeply from good books – especially the Bible, build a shelter against a rainy day, give thanks for your blessings and pray for guidance every day.” –  John Wooden

I can describe you only eighteen ways of helping other people. However, if you apply all of them to every person met on your way, 365 days per year, the number will grow significantly. The only challenge which you need to take is to take action and try as many of the ideas presented in my post as possible.

There is one important thing to know before you start helping other people be sure that they really need your help. We are often “helping” doing more harm than without taking action. For example, if you solve a given problem for someone, this person will not learn the lesson, and the next time they will need your help again. Give the rod instead of the fish.

Secondly, if you do not know the other people’s needs, you will not help them in the right way. Everybody is unique. It is like finding the right pill for the sick person as it never happens that one pill suits everyone.

18 Awesome Ways To Help Others

Here are the 18 the most remarkable ways in which you can make a difference in somebody’s life. Try to use them as many times as possible, at least daily. Your decent deeds will not be forgotten and one day someone else will help you as well.

1. Pray For Them

Sometimes you may meet with a hopeless case and only the prayer can be helpful. Suppose that your friend has cancer or someone died who was a nasty person. Then only your prayer can save make wonders. praying is also crucial in case of forgiving other people and letting the negativity go.

2. Listen to Them Attentively

We all lack someone who listens to us carefully. Toady everyone is rushing and even when we listen, it is done very selectively and superficially. Why should we listen to attentively? because only then you can actually understand this person and communicate properly. Knowing what they mean will help you to find the right way… to assist them if necessary.

3. Give Them Something They Lack

evarybody is abundant in something which the other people may lack. Think of your clothes. If you do not need them and they are still in a good condition, give these clothes to the charity. The same applies to books or unused food which still can be consumed. Think what you could give your friend of your neighbour and take action.

4. Help Them With Paperwork

Not everyone has patience for paperwork or pays attention to details. Moreover, some people do need your help. Think of those who are visually impaired or have difficulty speaking the official language. My friend Emer from Wexford Toastmasters was very grateful when I helped her to print the documents for the next club contest.

4. Give Them Some Food

I have already mentioned this while writing about abundance. Sometimes so little is necessary to make someone happy. Even if the beggar on the street may dump your food, never leave them without help.

5. Give Them a Lift

Mnay people don’t drive; either they cannot afford a car of because of an illness, like epilepsy or vision problems. Sometimes people do not have cars because they want to be fit and walk a lot. However, there are times when giving a lift helps even those who usually walk. Think of doing a big shopping or picking someone up back from the party.

6. Help Them with Shopping

It applies to older and vulnerable people in particular. Think of those who are in wheelchairs or have to use trolleys to move around their house. Older people are not so strong to carry heavy bags or need more time to pay at the till, while the rest may be impatient.

7. Contact Organizations Which May Help

In other words, speak up for them. Your friends or clients will be grateful for useful information or even your presence when they are dealing with various institutions. Firstly, in a case when someone depressed or has got suicidal thoughts, you can bring them to a counsellor or a doctor for advice. Secondly, you can help people with legal issues, going with them to the police or court.

8. Love

There’s never enough love in this world. Children yearn love from their parents as well as partners in a romantic relationship. But love has many meanings. I mean respect and care about the other person here. Acts are bigger than words and sometimes even a tiny deed, but done from your heart, will make someone person smile.

9. Motivate at the Times of Their Blues

Everybody has the times of sadness and doubt. I don’t mean depression here because this condition needs professional care. What I mean is the encouragement and good feedback. Motivation is of particular importance when you are dealing with students, children or employees. They will be making mistakes or feel discouraged with the task done. Then your one word can make wonders.

10. Be Patient

Change and learning new skills needs time. Rome was not built during one day. Also, some people are slower because of many reasons, including taking some medication which impairs their concentration. Again, as the boss, a teacher or a parent, you can help the most your employees, students or child being patient while they are trying new skills.

11. Just Be There

It is of particular importance in the case of ill and old people. Visiting someone in a hospital or an elderly house will make these people’s day. Listening to someone who wants to share their sorrow without giving any advice is also helpful. Sometimes just your presence helps, since you are some kind of company for someone who feels lonely doing some life activities.

12. Give Them a Public Appreciation

Nothing boosts someone’s self-esteem like giving them a public appreciation. If you are the boss, praising in front of other employees will be the best motivation for them to work more efficiently. A teacher praising a student in front of the class will help him or her to make more effort during classes. And when you are a parent, praising children is a must to help them grow.

13. Do a Chore

How many times do we avoid doing housework? These tasks are so boring and stressing, giving you no long-term gratification. Who likes washing up or cleaning? Some people do. Also, think of the times your partner comes tired from work. He or she will be grateful when you do the chores. The same applies to children helping their parents.

14. Do a Massage

Any time you notice that your partner is tense and tired after work, suggest him or her a massage. You will see how much it will help. It does need to be a sexual massage. The idea is to relax the other person then, to let them unfocus from the issues making stress. Make some effort and learn one simple technique which you could use on regular basis.

15. Translate

If you can speak more language, help those who can’t. It is especially beneficial when you emigrate and can communicate well in the country’s official language while many people can’t. Help them to fill in documents and applications, show where they could learn the language better. It does not cost much, but it may make the other person’s life easier.

16. Give a Recommendation

have you read someone’s book? Can you see how diligent and hardworking someone is? Give them a recommendation. Just some words are enough and you can do these people a big favour. Take a piece of paper and list five people who you could help, giving a recommendation. Then take action immediately.

17. Make Them Aware of the Opportunity

Not everyone is so shrewd as you are. You can help many people making them aware of an opportunity. You do not need to be a business consultant to do so. Opportunities also exist in everyday life. Just help them to choose the cheapest, but the most useful option of buying a new house of furniture. Your friends will be grateful.

18. Mentor Them

Business mentoring is the most popular, but you can also help other people with personal development. Give them some advice. Show some shortcuts and give some tips to avoid pitfalls. You will see how big pleasure is to see when someone is growing and this is also your merit.

Action Exercise

Think who you could help. List these people. Choose three of the ways described above to help other people and start using them immediately.

How Do You Help Other People?

I’d like to hear from you, so please, leave your comment under this post. You may help and inspire many other people. Thank you and have a nice day.

Victoria Herocten


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