Toxic neighbours: How To Handle Them

toxic neighbours

Neighbours sometimes can be a challenge. You might feel helpless and flooded with negative emotions. Today I will show you what you can do to handle toxic neighbour:

1. Check Your Attitude

Sometimes it might be your thoughts and beliefs which create your perception and you consider some people as toxic. If you are not sure how to spot a toxic neighbour, read this article (symptoms sb is a toxic neighbour). It might turn out that you are just paranoid.

2. Try to Avoid War With Toxic Neighbours

This is the most important rule. Even if the neighbour is hostile, do everything possible to avoid the war. For example be aware that if you complain to the management about their loud talking at night, they may do the same against you. If you have a pet, this may be your vulnerable spot. Toxic neighbour may not help you in a case of burglary, they can even help the criminal.

3. Have an Open Talk With Toxic Neighbours

In this way you will explain the situation (e.g if the neighbour is complaining about your child crying at night or your dog barking). You can also ask if he or she really said something while gossiping as you know the facts from other people. Every time when you want to confront a toxic person, be prepared for their anger and other negative emotions directed towards you. Learn how to handle negative emotions first. Read more.

4. Ignore Their Talk And Cut Off

In other ways, cut off. I know it is not easy as I also have a toxic neighbour upstairs. Yet you can create a new habit of ignoring this person. For example, if they gossip about you, start counting singing a disco song. This will help you to dissociate from the neighbour. Learn how to, cut off from them from this article.

If you know more ways of dealing with toxic neighbours, leave a comment. Have a nice day. Victoria Herocten

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