The 10 Things For WhichYou Are Responsible In Your Life

responsible in life

We all know that taking responsibility for our lives means being mature. However, you might not know for what in particular you are responsible yourself and where other people’s responsibility starts. Today I will explain this issue.

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What Is Responsibility For Your Life

In the shortest, you need to eliminate blame and excuses. If the blame track or the excuse track plays repeatedly in your mind, you are shifting responsibility for your decisions and life to others. You need to watch your thoughts words and actions.

The 10 Things You Are Responsible For

Some of them are obvious and we all know that at least half responsibility is ours, e.g. for our relationship or children. However, you might not know about some other areas of your life which are your responsibility

1. Your Relationships

I do not only mean to be responsible for the quality of your intimate relationship. I mean the quality of EACH relationship you have with other people: your boss, each your co-worker, your family, your neighbour, your acquaintances. You always need to give 100% of commitment from your side although your responsibility is limited to a part which size depends on the number of the people involved in the relationship.

Your responsibility means the quality of communication, meetings, mutual understanding, dealing with challenges together, active listening and assertiveness when necessary.

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2. Your Time

Time is an irrevocable asset. Once wasted, it cannot be reclaimed. You are responsible for how you manage your time – what is the quality of activities you are doing, how much they contribute to your life. In other words – is your day productive or not? Do you spend your time on things which enable you to grow? Or do you do the same boring activities and are in the same place as a year ago, without making progress? It is up to you what you will reap in nexy tyear.

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3. Your Quality of Life

You are responsible for the quality of your daily routine, your meals, the standard of cleanliness in your house. It also concerns the quality of your sleep and work, the way you are sitting or walking, the level of comfort your clothes bring to you. Look at your day right now and ask yourself: What is the quality of my life? Am I happy with it? If not – what can I do to improve the quality of my life?

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4. Your Emotional Balance

No excuses here, although you HAVE the right to feel down sometimes. But only sometimes and then you are responsible for how long your depression or other negative state will last. No negative emotion is worth trouble for a long. It has to be noticed, but then you need to get shot if it as soon as possible – and find the reason why you are feeling this way so that you can eliminate it in the future.

5. Your Spiritual Life

You do not need to believe in God. However, the existence of soul and energy flow is documented by scientists so even atheists can recognise something more than figures and facts. If you believe in God and take care of your spiritual life, your responsibility is obvious for the quality of vibrationsyou emanate.

6. Your Financial Status

Yes, you ARE responsible for your finances, even if you do not work and bring up children. Even then it is advisable to have some knowledge of the financial world in case your partner dies or something happens that you will have to manage finances. If you work or run a business, it is obvious – avoid debts, pay bills on time, look for new sources of income and keep your money safe. If you have a low-payed job and complain about it – the time has come to stop it. Take responsibility which means taking action to improve your situation.

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7. Your Physical Fitness And Health

It is obvious, but we usually neglect our fitness, sitting too much or lying on the coach watching TV. Unfortunately, our body eventually reminds us about the problem or we will receive a tough bill during an old age, e.g having difficulty with walking or bending. You do not need to have professional training unless you are too much overweight or posture defects like scoliosis.

8. Your Self-Fulfillment

It is the fulfilment of your hopes and ambitions. No one will act to make your dreams true or to achieve your goals. it is totally up to you mow many and how you will achieve them, how you will use the power of your thoughts to help you to make your dreams reality, how to make the most of your job and family life.

9. Your Enjoyment Of Life

Again, no one will organise you the fun time. People can help you, but the ultimate responsibility belongs to you. And I mean enjoyment in each area and aspect of your life: the professional, emotional, sexual, financial and spiritual.

10. Other Things Not Mentioned Above

The list of the areas where your responsibility is obvious is not finished here, it is only the tip of an iceberg. However, the more responsible you become in these areas, the happier will be your life. Then you will also notice more aspects to take responsibility for.

In a Nutshell

Today you have learned what areas of life are your responsibility. Your health, relationships, finances, emotional balance and spiritual life are only a few I can mention. Now make a list of things within each category where you could take more responsibility and take action. Good luck.

Victoria Herocten

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