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Toxic Mother-in-Law: 6 Efficient Tips On How to Handle Her

A toxic mother-in-law may be the reason for stress and pain. How can you handle this kind of people?

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What Is The Level Of Your Happiness? Test It Now

I have met many individuals in my career who claimed to be happy. However, when I looked into their eyes, the brutal truth emerged. Check your case doing a happiness test.

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15 Proven Ways For The Most Successful Year

We are approaching the end of the current year. many people may consider it as unfortunate and unsuccessful. However, you still have some time to the last day of December to finish some issues and make this year successful. How?

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Are You Assertive? Test Yourself

After reading some of my last posts you might say that assertiveness is not your problem and you are assertive enough in your life. It’s great news. But in case, let’s check it.

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3 Reasons Not To Seek Approval

We often yearn for other people’s approval. Rejection is painful and causes discomfort because, belonging to a group of people makes life easier. However, today I will ask you a question: