Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence:7 Common Ways of Manipulation By Abusers

Manipulation is a very common practice in a case of toxic or abusive relationships. Some of the ways the manipulators use are very subtle. Here are some of them:

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Emotional Manipulation: 8 Ways How To Detect

Emotional manipulation and abuse are very common in today’s world. Learn how to meet the nine warning signs so that you can protect yourself from abuse and manipulation.

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Destructive Criticism: How To Handle. 5 Proven Tips

how to handle criticismDestructive criticism is very common. It may be your partner, mother or in-laws who will try to bury yoiur high self-esteem. What can you do then?

Domestic Violence Toxic People Traumatic Emotions

Emotional Abuse: How To Stop It In 2 Steps

emotional abuse monsterPhysical and emotional abuse is something that no one should have to endure and there is no excuse that justifies it. However, until you know the monster of abuse, nothing will change. Here is the first step to do.

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Arguments: Can You Win-Win? #1

argumentCan you find a satisfactory solution during an argument? Whenever you are in disagreement with others and you are seeking a different solution, implement the steps described below.