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14 Tools That Superb Happy People Use Part One

Someone has asked me recently: “What are the tools which happy people use to achieve their goals and maintain their attitude? Here is the answer.

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New Year’s Resolutions That Make 2016 Abuse-free In 9 Steps

new years resolutionsHow many times have you set new year’s resolutions and have given up after meeting the first obstacle? Today you will learn the story which will help you to live the 2016 year as successful and you will be satisfied with the results.

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How To Change Habits In 10 Effective Steps

Brian Tracy said that “Forming bad habits is easy to do and hard to stop, but so is forming good ones.” The abusive relationship brings a risk to create bad habits. How can you change them?

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Master Time Management After Breakup From Abuse

Do you know why some of your efforts are so rewarding while others are complete waste of time? Learn how to achieve success by good time management. How?