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Meet the Truth About Self-Compassion

Many readers have asked me recently to write some posts about self-compassion. I have decided to prepare three articles about this issue. Today you will read the first one; you will meet the truth about self-compassion.

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A Letter To Your Inner Child

Have you ever wondered how to talk to your inner child? I have tried and have decided to give you an example of my conversation with this delicate aspect of your personality. Here it is.

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6 Reasons Why To Stop Judging People

Those who have read the Bible know the commandment of not judging people. However, many people are aware why judging others’ life is not a good thing. Today I will give you the answer.

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How To Accept Everything In Your Life

If you have done an acceptance test in my last post, your mood might plummet. No one wants to see the amount of work to be done. However, I’ve got good news for you: acceptance is at your hand and you can do it.

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Assess Your Acceptance

You could read about the 10 things to accept in your life in one of my last post. Today I will give you a challenge. Check how high your acceptance
is while testing which things from the list below you can accept.