8 Undoubtful Reasons For Transforming Your Life

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Transforming life can be hard to start. many people ask me: “Why to transform my life? It is so hard to work.” You are right. However, before you resign from your happy life, I will give you ten reasons which will change your attitude and make changes in your life will become a habit.

“Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.” – Charles R. Swindoll

Before I list the ten reasons, I have two questions for you:

  • What are you not happy in your life?
  • What are your dreams?


List at least twenty reasons while answering the questions listed above. It may be a challenging exercise at first but you will learn many new things about yourself. Don’t be overwhelmed with the number of items which you have listed while answering the first question. These are your challenges and you want to overcome them. The second list contains the goals towards which you want to move. I will give you another question:

  • What is the most important in your life?


List your values. They determine the reasons why you want to change or be reluctant to life transformation. For example, you might see health, your work, and family as important things in your life. Some of your values are so strong that you would die fighting for them.

8 Undoubtful Reasons For Transforming Your Life

Answering the questions listed above has given you an idea of what motivates you to become a different person. Suddenly you notice how much you need to achieve within your next years of life and what problems you want to solve them. You may be overwhelmed with the numbers of reasons and some of them may be too trivial. I have chosen you the eight most common ones:

1. Build Happy Relationships

And I mean all kinds of your relationships because not only your family has an impact on the quality of your life. Think of your boss, co-workers, neighbours, and friends. Spending less time with them does not mean that they don’t influence your mood or decisions.

Action Exercise

Firstly, define what a happy relationship means for you. Do it in writing. Secondly, define why you want to have happy relationships with people. List at least ten reasons. This exercise will help you to find some motivation, necessary to start your self-development.


2. Be More Self-Confident

Self-confidence is not just a slogan of the twenty-first century. To be effective, you need to feel confident about yourself. Otherwise, people may disrespect you, breaching your boundaries, you won’t be able to find your dream job or partner.

Action Exercise

Do it in writing. List as many reasons as possible of why it’s beneficial to be self-confident. Think when else this trait is necessary apart from the examples listed in the paragraph above. Moreover, imagine yourself already as a self-confident person and start acting as if you can be self-confident

3. Regain the Peace of Mind

According to Brian Tracy’s “Maximum Achievement”, peace of mind is the most important thing in a human’s life. I agree with this. When your peace of mind is disturbed you cannot focus on other important aspects of your life, like health, happy relationships, wealth or career.

There are many things which kill your peace of mind. Negative thinking and staying around negative people are probably the two most dangerous ones. Imagine, just one negative thought can break your peace of mind. Therefore, transforming your life, i.e.managing your thoughts will help you to regain the peace of mind.

Action Exercise

Firstly, assess your peace of mind right now. Where would you put it on the scale of 1 to 10 where 10 means “maximum level of peace of mind” and 1 ” no peace of mind at all”. Then define what diminished the peace of mind in your case and commit eliminating these factors from your life.

4. Feel More Fulfilled in your Life

Very few people feel fulfilled in their life. Why? Because your parents, teachers and the media teach you to be unfulfilled in most cases. You don’t deserve wealth, pleasures in your life, just because of the majority of people struggles. Or you just cannot have a car, house, the level of material status which you desire, which is presented in commercials.

Moreover, your parents and other “helpful” people choose your goals, and you are not working for yourself; you are working for the bank to repay the mortgage, you are working for the state to pay taxes. If you are not sure if a given goal is yours, check what for you are pursuing it. And working on other people’s goals rather than yours will not help you to be fulfilled.

5. Attract Positive People

You will not attract positive people having the minority complex, thinking negatively about yourself or having self-limiting beliefs. Nobody likes complainers, fault-finders or problem-finders.

Therefore, if you want to find and be surrounded by the positive people who uplift you, start from yourself. Become friendly, helpful, emphatic, smile and soon you will notice that other people will reciprocate your attitude.

6. End Toxic Relationships

Toxic relationships usually reflect the lack of self-love. Therefore, when you transform your life, your relationships will also evolve. It happens because when you start to love and respect yourself more, other people will do the same or the relationship ceases.

Think about how many times your self-love was so low that you couldn’t say “no”? How many times did you ignore your boundaries and let other people cross them, treating you in a bad way? If any of these cases happened in your life, self-development is necessary.


7. Get On Better with People

Becoming more self-confident and assertive, you will improve your relationships with people. Also, when you learn to channel your emotions instead of directing them towards other individuals, your relationships will improve.

People will appreciate your patience and non-judgment. You become the best friend and someone who is helpful. People will be naturally drawn to you.

8. Be Proud of Yourself

When you work on yourself and monitor your progress, be prepared for the surprise of how much you have achieved. But even if you cannot see your achievements yourself, people around will, and your relationships will flourish.

Each achievement, even the smallest one, is the reason to be proud of yourself. If you have already started working on your self-development, look back and compare youreslf today and a year ago or five years ago. The difference is probably enormous.

In a Nutshell

Transforming your life can be painful and takes time, but the benefits outweigh the challenges. I have listed the 8 reasons why to transform your life and some of them are: better relationships, peace of mind, self-pride, getting on better with people and feeling more fulfilled in life.

Victoria Herocten

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