The Secret of Happiness: How To Be Proactive

be proactive

Do you know Dr. Stephen Covey and his famous book “The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People”? The first of them is: Be proactive.” What does it mean?

As today I have joined Stephen Covey’s Community, I also found “The seven habits For Gay Relationships” group. If you know Stephen Covey – I believe you have heard of him –  you have certainly seen more contexts in which “7 habits” can be applied effectively.

Today I will need your help. Please answer the questions below leaving your comment.

When Are You Proactive in Your Life?

Firstly – in what situations, in your opinion, can be these habits applied? Can you mention more examples that those found in Stephen Covey’s community or his books? If you have any creative idea, please leave it as a comment under this post.

How Proactive Are You in Your Life?

Secondly, have you ever thought how to apply the seven habits to your life? How easy or difficult was the implementation? Would you consider to take a part in the experiment and see how it would work?

If you think yourself as a lucky person, the seven habits will be just a new tool to win easier. I have mentioned proactivity. Yes, this is the first habit. You need to act to succeed. Many times it was said here that you were in charge of your life.

Proactivity is just your willingness to do something when your abusive partner starts an argument again or will threaten you with the knife. Horrible, isn’t it? Even then you need to act – first in your mind. Passiveness, surrendering your negative emotions or – what’s worse – his press-ganging.

You Are In Full Control

Remember: You are in complete control of your life and are enough to win in every situation… even if circumstances utterly deny this fact. Sometimes we do nothing to change our situation – because change means too much pain and troubles. However, in the long run, it is like a credit card, still needing to be repaid, until totally destroyed.

Since today, take at least one action in a situation which you could see as the desperate one. Just thinking that not all is lost is doing the job. If you can read this blog, you can also join Stephen covey’s Community where indeed you will find many helpful people who will support you in the case of abuse. Good luck.

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