How To help the People More Efficiently – Authentic Story.

Help – definitely the winner’s code. i will focus on it for some time.  But first think if  help may harm. Is it always noble to help others?

Let’s start from an authentic example – very useful in case of the present disaster. How do you think? Can helping others be useless? Do you always meet with gratitude?

Suppose they are not ready for the gifts or  will not use the resources in the way we think. Are you sure what the Japanese need from the others  right now?  The example below will show you what can happen when you help the others in the wrong way.

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Japanese Disaster – Why Do We Need To Play Fair.

I have left you with my last update for for long days – maybe because the weekend is the time for rest and regeneration. But even during these five days you could see haw much have happened in case of Japanese crisis, especially the nuclear aspect of it.

The events are a great source for reflection and taking a broad look at different winning skills. You can check it, just watching the media, the politicians’ reactions and the peoples’ feedback. And playing fair one of the most important virtues of the winners. What does it mean?

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