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6 Reasons Why Your Neighbours Are Toxic

You have probably heard about someone having a toxic neighbour. However, there are some reasons why these people are toxic. meet six of them today.

Do You Know Your Neighbours?

We are quick judging other people, without knowing their real story. However, sometimes it is obvious if someone is toxic. But even then you might not know the reason for this kind of behaviour. Hence, examine the five most common reasons for why your neighbours may be toxic.

1. Toxic Neighbours Come From Abusive Families

Toxic neighbour can behave like your toxic partner. If they were living with parents who were abusive, they learned that this kind of behaviour is the only efficient way to achieve their goals. They will see abuse in other people and use their “skills” to get what they want.

The next time when you notice that your neighbour is toxic think for a while. Maybe it is just their lifestyle. The only thing which you can do then is to cut off or even move out. Focus on your life and goals and after some time your neighbour will be less annoying. Be careful not to start being abusive yourself, especially if you are facing domestic violence or come from a dysfunctional family.

2. Toxic Neighbours May Have a Mental Illness

This might be controversial. However, in the case of mental illnesses, there is still a big taboo in our society. Therefore you might even not know what the struggles of your neighbour are. He or she may be paranoid and see negative intentions in you. This leads to aggressive and protective behaviour. Let’s say that you are speaking loudly and your neighbour hears that. They might assume that you are gossiping, which is not true.

3. Toxic Neighbours May Be Jealous

Do you know this saying “The grass is always greener ta your neighbour’s lawn?” If you do, be prepared for the outbreak of jealousy. This is a common feature of some nations in the world, where people do everything to impede the success of others.

Being jealous is a natural feeling and you need to be able to deal with it. Some people don’t and you need to understand it. Ignorance is the best way to cope with a jealous neighbour. When you show them that their behaviour has no impact on your life, after some time they will stop aggression

4. Toxic Neighbours May Have Low Self-Esteem

A person with low self-esteem will use various ways to compensate for that. For example, your neighbour can be a victim, sharing their problems with you, but not doing anything to solve them.

Aggression is the opposite attitude. Have you had a party lately? An aggressive neighbour might come and talk to you in a rude way or even play louder music. Aggression can be also mixed with manipulation, for example blaming and making you guilty.

5. Toxic Neighbours  Want To Show Up

Everybody wants to feel important, wanted and appreciated. Maybe your neighbours are unemployed, has no friends and generally are unhappy in their life. Drinking and loud parties are the only ways they can do to gain attention.

If your neighbour wants to show up, suggest them to join some groups in the town or enter the competition. However, you have no impact on someone who is passive, manifests victimism and blames all the world for their living conditions.

6. Toxic Neighbours May Seek Revenge

Unfortunately, some people cannot forgive and will seek revenge. Suppose that you had said something bad about your neighbour and he learned that from the third party. Or you reported to the management of the housing estate or the police your neighbour’s bad behaviour. Then be prepared for their aggression and even underhand games.

You have no influence on what your neighbour does, but you can always be assertive and set the borders. Apologize if necessary, but also be firm and demand respect for your rights.

Take Action

Learn more about your neighbours to identify if they are indeed toxic. Then decide what strategy to use: cut off them or try to establish healthy boundaries.

Victoria Herocten

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