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Master Time Management After Breakup From Abuse

Do you know why some of your efforts are so rewarding while others are complete waste of time? Learn how to achieve success by good time management. How?

Time management is crucial factor which determines your success.

How to find more time for myself?

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Here are some tips which will help you to achieve bigger personal success.

1. Define which tasks are the most beneficial for you. 

I mean the kind of effort that you make every day to stay healthier, happier, richer and generally fulfilled. Think of your relationship. You have two opportunities to achieve success: Discussing finance management with your partner and nagging him for not dumping the rubbish. Which way is more effective and positive in the long run?

2. Define how many really important issues are really on your agenda.

How do you spend your free time? What is the quality of your work? The task might be tricky as some actions are urgent, but not really important. Use the Stephen Covey’s “4 quarter time management test” to select at lest one, really beneficial kind or your action.

The important task is not necessarily the most urgent, like doing exercises. However, neglecting it will cause that the task will jump to “very important” and as urgent as a fire. Then you will have to do it, even if you do not want to.

3. Check which tasks are the most beneficial for you, and… bringing discomfort.

They also seem to look as less urgent and in many cases might be boring.  Suppose that you have committed to doing exercises. How many times would you like to dump the routine of doing exercises and flooding your t-shirt with sweat? The tricky thing is that you usually do not notice the effects of your boring, regular action straightaway. However, after some time, the reward is significant.

Take action.

Choose one goal for this year. Identify which tasks you need to complete to achieve your goal. List them in order of their priority and mention all the benefits you will have by completing the tasks. Do this exercise in writing and record your discoveries in your journal of success.

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Victoria HeroctenAuthor: Victoria Herocten Writer and coach.
Since 2009 she helps women with abuse to start over and how to be happy .
The co-author of the bestseller “Gratitude Book”.

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