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3 Steps Of Learning From Mistakes

make mistakes and learn“When you make mistakes, don’t look back at it long.” Instead, learn the lesson and move forward. How can you do it?

Before we start just one more important thing. You will always make mistakes and there is no magic pill to secure from this. The trick is to learn on other people’s mistakes and make only small ones. Now let’s use the following tips to learn from mistakes more efficientlh:

1. Abandon the “no-win” strategy while making mistakes.

How many times have you sought the third alternative for your choices? Have you ever seen more options that A or B? Think about school or your present life. However, you were often forced to choose between the two options in case of emotional blackmail. Let’s say that you were applying for promotion. Unfortunately the boss gives you two choices – work during weekends or decline of your application. What will you do then?

2. Learn from mistakes? You can be even aware of the lesson and have power to skip blaming. But this is not enough. Take action. For example, you have just ended a toxic relationship. Your ex was abusive, but handsome. Now you can see the new potential partner. He is also handsome. How will you check if the guy will treat you with respect?

If you fall in love blindly with him, you might repeat the same mistake and then it will be a failure, as you have chosen the same type of person. It does not mean that every handsome person is abusive, it is just more difficult to be objective then. Do your best and treat your mistakes as a message what to do better the next time

3. Notice the real mistake you make the most often?

We usually bother with some petty failures, often beyond our control. You are going to work by car. You have even predicted the traffic jam. But suddenly a serious accident occurred just near your business premises. The road is blocked for some hours. Now you need to think where to leave your car and how to reach your workplace in an alternative way. What will you do?

Was it really your mistake that you have gone to work exactly in the worst moment? How much could you do to protect yourself ? But even if there was not your responsibility, you can often learn – from the others’. How did you handle the additional stress? Could you do anything to focus on your goal rather than feeling frustrated?

Take action 

Now. What is your latest decision which you regret? Examine your choice according to the 3 tips and define if there was really a mistake. What have you learned? brainstorm the ideas and record in The Winner’s Book. Then take the first step to implement the lesson in your everyday life.

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