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Japanese Disaster – Why Do We Need To Play Fair

Japanese disaster is known all over the world. Fukushima has devastated the air and water and many people became endangered with death. The events are a great source for reflection and taking a broad look at different winning skills.

You can check it, just watching the media, the politicians’ reactions and the peoples’ feedback. And playing fair one of the most important virtues of the winners. What does it mean?

Everything is relevant – but also depends on the major situation and has a given result.

Therefore, in the case of Japan, we need to take the global aspect. What does “fair play” mean in this case? In the case of the Japanese disaster, it is even more important – they are directly involved in the disaster. It is just the duty to be honest, which will pay back in the future.

Now the Japanese are in trouble, but imagine that similar disaster happened to you – not necessary the nuclear one. Put yourself in the Japanese shoes. Will you seek reliable information to make the most accurate and effective actions? Fair play is necessary to act efficiently – now all over the world.

Thus, fair play is not just an altruistic virtue or a noble kind of behaviour – in order to be “good”. It is common sense.

The people who deliberately provide false information or block it for many reasons forget that the negative results will also have an impact on the informers.

Today, in the era of the Internet, you are able to check very fast the reliability of the information or a given person.

Will you trust the organizations, likely to help you, if they lied or misinformed you? Probably not. Therefore, avoiding fair play will impair cooperation, so important today.

Fair play means more safety… even in the hour of the worst disaster.

If you know you are not alone and can rely on sb – it is easier to survive. See how important the trust is now, to cool down the reactors. People need to believe they are not alone with the challenge – like fighting in the toughest war. Will you fight alone with a gale, a hurricane, a flood? Probably not.

Everyone who plays fair today is the winner and makes it easier to win the disaster. Despite knowing that some processes will be still disastrous for even months – we can do our best to minimize the bad impact – on every single person all over the world.

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What other advantages of fair play can you find? What is your attitude to fair play in general? Share your views here and on my Facebook group. Have a nice day.

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