Fear Of Rejection: 3 Efficient Ways To Eliminate It

fear of rejectionEach of us meets with fear of rejection from time to time.There are always moments in your life when you are of being unaccepted the way you are. Sometimes this fear is so strong that you resign from taking any action. What can you do then?

Firstly, meet the gloomy truth. Fear of rejection is the result of low self-esteem. If you do not believe in yourself, you will never believe that you can be chosen from the group of other people, for example as a successful candidate to do a job. People with very low self-esteem will generally avoid relationships, because they do not feel unique or deserve love and happiness. They mistakenly interpret the signs given to them by other people.

Instead of taking action, you may find that no one would want to be associated with someone so little worthy as you. If even someone with low self-esteem becomes the object of adoration, he or she will usually escape the potential relationship, being afraid of not handling the situation. Therefore, the relationship will end in a painful way. If your way of thinking matches this scheme, you obviously have to work on your self-esteem.

Secondly, take action.

1. Realize that every person deserves happiness. Even the most difficult childhood is not an obstacle to building a successful relationship or do successful career. The most important step to changing your attitude is to be aware of where you are and look at the truth black-and-white.

2. Find even one positive thing in your person. It may be a little thing, but so important, that will allow you to gain more self-confidence; something that you can do well, what you are competent with. If you have difficulty selecting even one thing, ask your friends about your good traits and strengths.

3. Record your strengths in a notebook and read them regularly, especially when you doubt in your competence, until you sear in your memory a new, positive thought. Gather as many of evidence of your competence as possible, continuously updating your list of merits.

Achieve success. Write down a list of all your advantages. Use every compliment that you have heard from other people, even strangers. Daily read the list aloud until you memorize it.

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