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How To Increase Your Happiness? Part One

Are you a happy person? Great. But you can always increase the level of your happiness. How? Today I will present you the first three ways.

Why not present all at one go? Because each of these ways needs practice and self-discipline. In some cases, as you will read, more than one skill is needed to raise your happiness.

How To Increase Your Happiness

You might not even suspect that you can increase the level of your happiness is so simple. Many people, including me, have tried that before efficiently. Now the question remains: Where to start from?

1. Stop Procrastinating To Be Happy

Surprised, aren’t you? How could so common habit destroy your happiness? But the sad truth is that procrastination always leads to stress.  You might think that putting things off will bring you relief. No, it won’t. You will still suffer the discomfort of the thought of how bad it is to do the task.

Moreover, procrastination brings you long-term stress, when a given task becomes urgent and important, like putting out the fire. Do you really want to face this kind of enormous stress?

Think of emergency loans in case of a sudden accident, when more means are needed, exceeding your resources. You do not think about repayment at that time, don’t you? The same happens when you procrastinate, you take out an emergency loan.

Another example – taking care of your health. You know that checkup is important and have noticed something wrong, let’s say with your breast or prostate. But you have postponed visiting the doctor, despite having noticed the fact. The more negligent you were, the fewer opportunities for full treatment are available for you.

How to stop procrastination? I will write about it soon.

2. Happiness Requires Facing Your Reality

In other words, stop living with an illusion because one day, out of the blue, your world may tear apart and your pseudo-happiness will evaporate like water on the desert.

Let’s say that your partner started coming home later than he was supposed to.  He is also less talkative. You can see that something does not work in your relationship. But what? Has he got an affair? If you hope that the things fix themselves, one day you might be shocked.

In case of living in reality, always check the bare facts, even if teh truth is painful. Ten it will be easier to make changes which will make you really happy.

Remember that happiness does not need to mean “comfort”. Sometimes it is necessary to take action which might be frustrating at first, but the final outcome will bring you peace of mind.

Many posts on my website raise the problem of abuse and domestic violence. Unfortunately, just then, women, but also men, stick to the status quo, thinking that it is impossible to change their situation.

3. Happiness Requires Preparation Of Your Life Plan

In other words, set goals, define your life purpose, life values and follow them. More about goals can be found here:

In this way, you will increase the level of your happiness significantly When you do not know which way to go you are at risk of manipulation.

There are hundreds of instructions on how to set your goals, but have you tried at least one of them? Suppose that you need to choose the partner of your life. Will you choose this special person according to your own criteria or according to your family’s opinion?

Be aware of putting pressure on you or the blackmail, especially the emotional one. Are you ready to defend your option?

It usually is not easy. Therefore, I have so many articles about abusive relationships on my blog. but now I intend to show you that it IS POSSIBLE to be happy, starting with defining your values, life mission, setting goals and boundaries so that other people will respect you more.

Remember that if you do not have a life compass, your goals yourself, other people will set you theirs, not necessarily making you a happy and fulfilled person.

Action Exercise

Answer the following questions in writing, being brutally frank with yourself:

  • In which fields of your life do you procrastinate the most?
  • What is the one single thing you put off all the time?
  • What are your life values?
  • What is your life mission?
  • What are your goals for this year, this month?
  • How well do your family and friends know your boundaries and observe them?

In a Nutshell

Today I have presented you three issues which, when practised regularly, will increase the level of happiness. They include: stopping procrastination, facing the reality and having a vision of life, which includes values, life mission and achievable goals.

Victoria Herocten

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