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Toxic Neighbours. 6 Effective Ways To Handle Them

Apart from an abusive relationship with your boyfriend, you can also face toxic neighbours, which will make your recovery even more difficult. Read what you can do in this case.

How To Deal With Toxic Neighbours

Finding a middle ground with people who bring negativity to your life and cause drama is not easy when all you want to do is live in peace. It is not hard to get sucked into the whirlwind of problems when you are going along in life. Out of nowhere you find yourself trapped between reality and disbelief when people in your neighbourhood look through their curtains at you in shame. Talking behind your back, pointing their finger at your relationship can be very painful.

What do these people want? You will never satisfy their wants, but the only thing you can do is to take care of yourself first to cut off from your neighbours’ negativity. How to do that?

1. Make Peace With Yourself

This is the most important step when you think of cutting off your toxic neighbours. Scan the brain and think if there was anything you could have possibly done to warrant this parasitic behaviour of some people in your neighbourhood.
It is okay if you have, then forgive yourself. Try to apologize.

However, do not give it another thought if you truly have nothing, and what is more, cannot figure out what is upsetting everyone so madly. Consider the fact that toxic neighbours want to absorb your energy and effort. life, They want you to “think” there is something wrong with you instead of focusing on your own self.

Be yourself. Know you did nothing wrong. Learn to ignore your toxic neighbours. When they get tired of you, they will move on to their next victim. Always have hope that person is as smart as you are and never gives them an ounce of their attention to playing with.

2. Do Your Best Every Day

It is important that no one can ask a thing of you. You are your own person.
If you work for an employer, you are an employee and therefore must comply with official rules, regardless you like them or not.

However, in real life, in your home, in a coffee shop awaiting that pumpkin flavoured latte with hot steamy cream, in your car, no one has the right to tell you it’s not right until it’s their way.

Going through your life, you will gain confidence and begin to trust in yourself that your decisions are the best ones you can make. This happens because they are yours, to begin with, and no one can take this away from you: choice. Therefore, you can choose to do your best every day. Who cares if it is not good enough for someone else or it’s not their way? All that really matters is that it’s good enough for you.

3. Live Well With Toxic Neighbours

It is the best revenge. You do not need a Hummer to ride down the road and tell everyone what you think of them. However, one in silver would be a really great first one for the start. Living well does not mean that you do not get the occasional cold and have to call out of work sick. It also does not mean that you are behind one month on the electric bill and need to make a payment plan. What is more, it means nothing when you are not living up to anyone’s expectations because your car broke down so you walked to work. Living well means that you are happy with who you are. No matter what anyone else says about you, only you, yourself, define your happiness. Diminish the conflict as much as you can and focus on these people who empower you – your good friends.

4. Go On About Your Day

It is hard to face the idea that someone could possibly not like them, but be careful because it might become your obsession and this will only give them what they want because they want to bring you down, make you stoop to their level and control you.

Most people that make a ritual out of bringing others down are miserable themselves. I have met many of them on my way of going through life. Many of them are not aware of what they are doing. They might never have a flower garden and yours is blooming out of control. It might also happen that they could never eat ice cream, but they see you in a cute striped dress happily strolling over to the truck every day because you can afford the most expensive clothes. Always remember, there is no cause for you to give it another blink of an eye, whatever the reason. It’s their problem. Let them stay with them.

5. Avoid Toxic Neighbours Like the Plague

Avoiding someone does not mean that you need to be rude or shun someone at the family park on Saturday night during the weekly primary school football game. However, what it does mean is that you do not have to search that person out to figure out why they do not like you.

Why on earth would you want to try to be their pal anyway if there is a person who truly doesn’t like you, Notice that many people have a hard time understanding this concept as people love to be accepted by others? It is our natural need so no one likes to be rejected, you probably too.

Take it from someone who knows this on a much more deeper and personal level. The truth is that you cannot possibly be much more rejected in life after you are rejected by your mother at birth. So, never make a habit of trying to suck up to everyone that has rejected you or treats you like you should be ashamed of yourself. No way! More than that, never back down to being who you are, because you are unique, just as you are you. You will not need the other person so much or at all once you understand that.

6. Never Behave As Toxic Neighbours

The battle will truly not be won without you at the wheel of your own ship. What is important here, observe the following three rules. The first is: “Never react to anything they say or do .”, the second: “ Never look at them.: and the third: “ Never breathe in their direction.” When you follow these rules, you will quickly forget about toxic neighbours and start focusing on your own life.

In a Nutshell

Today you have learnt how to deal with toxic neighbours. Some of the ways you can use are: ignoring them, never behaving their way, try to live well with them and focus on your life.

Victoria Herocten

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4 replies on “Toxic Neighbours. 6 Effective Ways To Handle Them”

Omg i feel mych better reading your steps cause i have a tixic neighbor who envies and hates me and i just gor unro a huge confrontation because if his hate but now as i read your steps i feel i could of done it in these steps to avoid such hate i really thank you for your help it really truly so knowledgable and easy to use and remember thank you for your help

Or better yet, do what you think is best and get rid of them. You don’t need losers like that screwing up your life and everyone else’s.

We already ignore our toxic neighbour, and that makes her even madder! The other problem we have apart from the screaming and swearing is the stuff she throws over the fence into our garden. For example bird and mice that her cat has killed, bits of our climbers that she rips down. Bruised cherries that our dog has eaten and vomited afterwards.

Thank You so much I feel so much better. I Have a toxic neighbor who always try to find a way to pissed me off In every way he can. Gossiping and laughing at me when I passed by so.. sometimes I cry cause I don’t know what to do. Anyway, I’m very thankful it helped me a lot.

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