Abusive Relationship: How To Handle the Truth

truth about relationshipWho can say what is the worst truth about their relationship? It does not necessarily mean to follow this rule every day. Here is the real secret of effective handling the truth about your relationship.

Let’s just take two common examples. Which woman would not love to hear from her man that she is the love of his life? Which man would like to know that he is a good lover? Answer yourself. Probably if the cases mentioned above are familiar to you, the choice will be using at least white lies after considering costs of the new attitude.

Acknowledge the truth about your relationship – yourself and sometimes in public.Think how challenging it is to apologize officially to your parents or other family members. How humiliating may be speaking the court while the offender is looking at you?

It is not enough just to express that something is true. Suppose that your relationship has finished and that you were also responsible for the decision. how can you admit the truth? You don’t need to declare before other people what happened. However, when you start dating again, would you lie to the new person?

On the other hand, the truth about your relationship may be very difficult to handle because of the consequences. Revealing the truth could be the reason for… ending the relationship. I don’t only mean love life, you might also lose business friendship, not to mention your job. Moreover, you might play unfair, acting on behalf of the third party. But here I am talking about your own, personal life, seen by you.

So what is the biggest reason for avoiding the truth acknowledgement? Taking action may touch, hurt,cause even physical pain and totally change your life. It can be uncomfortable, unpopular or intolerable. Why should we condemn to a life of absolute truth, since this can lead to suffering?

Achieve success. Choose one challenging episode of your own life. How likely are you able to admit the uncomfortable truth? Mark the level of difficulty from 1 (weakest) to 10 (hardest). Then think in which situation acknowledgement is the easiest. Record your discoveries in your journal of success.

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