How To Find Life Directions

Have you heard of having life directions? I can assure you, it is a very up-to-date issue. At the end of one and the beginning of another Georgian year, the time has come to see where you are going.

How to Define the Direction of My Life

My friend Tina said one day: “Okay, I know my life mission and vision. But how do I implement it?” To answer this question, you need to define your life direction.

We have already defined our life mission. If you are still not sure, check this article:

How To Write Your Personal Mission Statement

Firstly, let’s look at the quote below:

Let’s look at this quite:

All successful people men and women are big dreamers. They imagine whatAll successful people men and women are big dreamers. They imagine what their future could be, ideal in every respect, and they work every day towards their distant vision taht goal or purpose.”

Brian tracy

Life direction is the sequence of goals which belong to one of your life categories. You need to know your long-term directions in order to be happy in all dimensions.

The same may apply to your job; you have studied marketing and management, have become a junior clerk, then the junior manager and a senior manager. In this case, control determines your career. Finding someone, getting married, having children and follow their growth, then having grandchildren describes the “family and relationships” life category.

How to Find Your Life Direction

Now I will show you how to find your life direction in the six-step process. Follow it carefully to define these directions and work on the goals which will improve the quality of your life definitely.

1. Write Down Your Achieved Goals During Your Life

Refer to the life categories: physical health, mental health, finance, relationships, career, spiritual life, personal development. I will write an article shortly on how to set goals in different categories of your life. Now just focus on the tips presented here.

For example: what school you have graduated from, what job(s) you have found, where you have lived, what was your income, how did it change during your life, what partners did you have. Take your diary and do it in writing, in each area of your life.

2. Find Similarities

Look at your achievements. Firstly, group them according to some categories: family life, career, finance, health, hobby. Then find similarities of what kind of issue. Check what same patterns they follow.

For example, you could choose the same kind of boyfriend or your spouse is like your father. You could have rented three flats so far and the next one will be the same. You could work in a company, being promoted in time, but within the same department.

3. Name the Direction Of Each Life Category

When you found some similarities within your achievements, name them. Here are some examples:

  • rented houses,
  • abusive boyfriends/girlfriends,
  • teaching people,
  • taking care of family members,
  • jobs in the same occupations,
  • seeing similar places (e.g. the costal resort centres,
  • similar mistakes,
  • having similar people – mentors, friends.

4. Describe Your Happiness

Now take each similarity and assess, marking them from 1 to 10 (where 1 means totally unhappy and 10 extremely happy), how happy you are following each life direction. When you have done it, answer the question:

Why am I Happy/Unhappy Here?

For example, you may work on other people’s goals. Let’s say you have studied history and now are working in the museum because your father is the Second World War veteran and wants to keep the memory of this fatal event in the mankind history. Or your mother is a teacher and wants you to follow her steps. I will write more about how to discover own goals in my next articles, so stay tuned to this blog.

Lack of helpful people may also have a tremendous effect on your achievements. I suppose that you have written them according to your true situation, also these which have not made you happy. Now think about how you could find helpful people to follow the direction as a happy and fulfilled person.

Lack of resources. Money, skills and other immaterial things may cause big frustration and cause that you will not make the most of your potential. Think about what you could do to find and use these resources.

5. Choose Which Life Directions You Want To Follow

Once you have defined the level of happiness in each life direction, the time has come to clear the clutter – the unwanted life paths. Abandon them instantly. It may mean changing your current job, stop thinking negative thoughts and work on your assertiveness. In other cases, you may need to cut off contact with some people for your own good sake.

6. Determine Your Future Goals

I have already written some articles about goal setting on this website. Read them carefully and follow the tips described there:

In the shortest, to set a goal you need to desire it first, then write it down, set the deadline, describe your starting point, define your obstacles and the resources needed, make a plan and never give up.

In a Nutshell

Today you have learnt the six-step formula to set your life directions. You need to list all your life achievements, group them according to similarities, assess your happiness and set appropriate goals. Follow them to live a happy and fulfilled life. Good luck.

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