3 Ways How To Cut Off From Toxic Neighbours

toxic neighbours

Toxic neighbours can be really nasty. Sometimes the only thing which you can do is to cut off and ignore them. Learn how to do it.

“However much we may sympathize with a small nation confronted by a big and powerful neighbours, we cannot in all circumstances undertake to involve the whole British Empire in a war simply on her account.”  – Neville Chamberlain

Before you even start to cut off from toxic neighbours, remember this sentence:

Never give in to the insults and brainwashing techniques your neighbours.

You often ask: “What if they are reporting my every move to each other through the intercom system?” I would ask: “What is the worst thing that can happen if they are doing so?” Usually, it is not so dangerous as it might seem.

The truth is that who cares if they are typing on Facebook to all of their followers that you are the world’s worst person because you forgot to recycle your last beer can. Therefore, it is better to cut off from your toxic neighbours in any possible way.

How to Cut off From Toxic Neighbours Efficiently

Firstly, remember that that is a process. if you were used to their impact on your life, there will be some time needed to change your attitude. Start from your thoughts and beliefs. As I wrote above: “Who cares what they are talking about you?” It is usually you.

Someone said: “No opinion about you is true, nothing that someone said can hurt you, unless you give them permission and unless you will believe.” That is why changing your beliefs is so important. Read my posts how to do it here.

Apart from changing your inner talk, thoughts, and beliefs, you can use these three tricky ways to cut off from toxic neighbours:

1. Do Tricks with your Door and Windows

There are some ways you can use your doors and windows to cut off from your toxic neighbours:

Unlock your Door and Step Inside

This technique might be a bit controversial as toxic neighbours might feel more dared to gossip and put their noses in your life. You let them doing so as then when fed up with gossiping, they will eventually stop. It is especially tempting for them when you argue frequently and loudly with your boyfriend or shout at kids. You can even pretend to argue.

Opening your doors will mean ignoring the neighbours and that you are not going to bother what they will say about you. However, remember to mentally cut off from them, for example imagining that there is a brown x between you and them.

Lock your Door

I know that sometimes you might become paranoid hearing people without seeing them. But believe me, the best method of cutting off from negativity is to ignore it. This time with the locked door. Then you lower the intensity of the sound. When you stop hearing what they are talking about it is like you cannot hear them at all, so the problem does not exist, at least when you are in your house or flat. Invest in the proper door and sometimes in sound-proof walls.

However, remember to air your flat or house. Oxygen is very important for your health and well-being, so use the time when the neighbours might not be around to open your doors and windows, at least for half an hour daily.

Shut your Curtains

This technique is appropriate at night. However, during a sunny day, you would lose the precious sunlight. Then net curtain might help. In this way, you will see the people, but they will not see you. And if they will, that means that you are facing a really nosy person and can even report breaching your privacy.

2. Indulge Yourself

You can also cut off your neighbours mentally, doing the things which you like. Even if they might talk about that later, at least you had some fun and were not triggered by your neighbours’ talking.

Focus of All the Pleasant Side of your Life

This means that you pour yourself a beverage, like hot chocolate, a cup of tea, hot steamy cappuccino, Irish coffee or whatever you like to have after a hard day of excitement. Enjoy every sip of that. You can also have a relaxing bath and have some passionate sex, even if you are afraid of later gossiping. Your pleasure is more important than someone’s sharp tongue.

Play Your Favourite Music

In this way, you will drown out the noise from outside and also focus on the sounds that you like. You can buy an instrument and learn to play it a bit. But even poor performance will do the trick. Singing is also great, as it releases your negative emotions. Occasionally, you can sing having your window open.  Instead of music,

Instead of music, you can also turn on your TV and enjoy your favourite programme. This will drive your neighbours even craizier, especially if they are living beside, above or below you. However, then you will be able to enjoy your program and you will show them how bad it is to be a toxic neighbour.

Think about Tomorrow… In Positive

Focus on your goals and things that inspire you. Consider your victories that you have achieved so far and start a journal of success, where you will write all your achievements. Regular following your goals and achievements, no matter how small ones, will help you to build self-confidence, so necessary in a case of having toxic neighbours.

Right now, list five goals for the year which will start soon. But remember to elicit the achievements for the present one. How well have you done? Are you proud of yourself? Even using one of the techniques described in this post will be your victory. Therefore, when you finish reading, take action and use the tips right now.

Turn Out the Lights

However, do this in emergency and not for a long time.This technique will really spook them and might be even more annoying for your toxic neighbours as listening to your favourite music or watching TV. Darkness is not a natural state for a human being and it will make you sleepy very quickly. It is better to use other techniques described in this article.

You have just cut off doing some activities and creating physical barriers. However, sometimes you need to disconnect totally.

3. Disconnect from Toxic Neighbours

In some cases, closing your windows or darkness will not be enough. You might ask: “How to deal with a stalker?” It is difficult to prove them the misbehaviour. However, you can take some steps to secure your privacy.

Turn off your Phone

If they know your number and are trying to stalk you, just cut off, physically. The same applies to removing them from your social media network if unfortunately, you have invited them before. If the case is more drastic, just change your phone number and inform only the most trusted people about it. The same applies to your Skype or Yahoo Messager or Google Talk.

Take Action

For the next 30 days use one of the ways described in today’s blog post to cut off from toxic neighbours. You can also try this method in case of your family or boyfriend. After 30 days check results and if necessary, repeat the procedure. Be disciplined to use the chosen method for each of the 30 days. If you skip more than two, the process has to be started from the beginning.

Last but not least…

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below. What are your ways of dealing with toxic neighbours? How effective are they?

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3 thoughts on “3 Ways How To Cut Off From Toxic Neighbours”

  1. I’ve helped my neighbor ever since I moved in and I’ve also been doing lots of work on my own property and garden. She has started gossiping pointing at our windows and bringing people to look at our garden. I wish I could rise above it but as time goes by its intensifying. I’m not sure why she has become so nasty I keep myself to myself she is way older than me. Don’t know What to do I’m fed up.

  2. I have a toxic neighbour I’ve pucked her off the floor phoned ambulances. Yet she is nasty rotten to the core. She doesn’t drive now and expects me to take her shopping I did once or twice but she is playing me and now its my turn. She is isolated do I care she has family who don’t bother with her I wonder why

  3. I had a 72 year old female neighbor who I looked up to as a mother after my own mother passed away. This woman helped me take care of mom. She always has been good to me however with all her killing me with kindness I find out she has been gossiping with other neighbors and bad mouthing behind my back. Needless to say the other neighbor we got along good but turned sour really quickly. I ended up cutting her off my private life and shutting her down after I was told what she was planning . She wanted my apartment because I had a nice balcony and she lived in the basement. So because she knew how to push my buttons she got one neighbor to try and make my life hell by making so much noise since this other neighbor lived below me. She would have people over and be loud including my gossipy neighbor to which they’re good friends now. I got fed up with it after dealing with this crap for months and because I was still mourning my mothers death I was in the anger stages. I was watching tv one night and talking on the phone and when they got louder I turned my tv up a little and someone banged on the wall below me. I’m normally quiet as a mouse because I’m considerate to other neighbors because I’m not the only one living in this building. I fired up an email to my landlord and explained to her the entire story of what was transpiring behind my back.. Now these rowdy neighbors have been quiet for a while since they know I will involve the police and some serious harassment charges may be laid. Stay away from overly friendly neighbors there’s a reason why they are way toto friendly . They have no job no hobbies so your life because entangled into theirs. When you cut them off your life they become angry and obsessed at ruining every inch of your reputation and your life because they know too much about you.. Keep to yourself is the key here and keep your distance

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