How To Appy Affirmations In Your Life

I promised my readers to write more about using affirmations in my last post. Let’s learn how to apply them for your benefit.

What Are Affirmations

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, an affirmation is something affirmed, a positive assertion”. I agree with this definition as positivity is one of the conditions for affirmations to work

How To Create an Affirmation

I will present you eight tips on how to create an affirmation.

1. Start With “I am”

This is the most powerful kind of affirmations. However, sometimes I suggest my clients “you are” in the case it is hard to believe in the affirmed message. For example, “I am a beautiful wonder on this planet”. If it is hard to believe in it, change it to “You are a beautiful wonder on this planet.” This kind of affirmations is superb for transforming beliefs.

2. Use the Present Tense

In this way, you manifest something. You also start with “I” in most cases, but other verbs can be used, depending on what you want to manifest. Use the Present Continuous tense.

3. State It In the Positive

Affirm what you want, never what you do not want. Everything in the Universe manifests, so if you want to stop something to happen, never talk or even think of that, e.g. “smoking”, “drinking”, “fat”.

4. Keep It Brief

Affirmations should not be too long. Otherwise, they will not work. Write and talk only about one issue per affirmation, e.g a high salary.

5. Make It Specific

However, make your affirmation specific. I will give you some examples below. You cannot affirm “make money” or “find the love of my life”. This will never work. Add figures, the features to your affirmation.

6. Use an Action Word Ending With “-ing”

In other words, use the Present Continuous tense. However, you can also use the present particle itself. Here are some examples:

  • “I believe in finding a beautiful, loving and caring man.”
  • “I am sure of making a million euro by the end of next month.”
  • “I am sure of losing 2 stones within three months.”

7. Include At Least One Dynamic Emotion Or Feeling

Your affirmations are to live, to transform you. Here are some dynamic verbs of feeling and emotion. I would also add some action verbs. Here are the examples of affirmations:

  • “I am creating a wonderful future in 2020, full of health, wealth and happiness.”
  • “I am acting as a self-confident person whenever I talk to people in every situation.”
  • “I am enjoying the wonderful sex with my partner.”

8. Make Affirmation for Yourself

Never affirm things that are not about you personally as this kind of affirmations will not work. Write and talk only about all that you want for yourself.

Examples Of Affirmations

Here are some examples of affirmations, based on these principles, concerning the smoking-free lifestyle:

  • “I am breathing effortlessly with lungs that are pure and clean.”
  • “I am celebrating how easily I breathe through strong, healthy lungs.”

Also, consider the following affirmations:

  • “I am confidently checking the balance of my bank account as I make a deposit of €1,000,000.”
  • “I am joyfully celebrating my graduation from university with a master’s degree.”
  • “I am spending marvellous time with my life partner, enjoying superb sex and plenty of love.”
  • “I am enjoying perfect posture and fitness all the time today.”

Installing Affirmations

Preparing affirmations is one thing. However, to make them work, you need to install them in your mind, otherwise, they will be rejected.

Write Down

An affirmation without being written down means nothing. You can read it aloud or even repeat after the recording. But at first, when you start working with affirmations, write them down. Why? Firstly, because then you can see it, secondly, writing involves your subconscious mind. And I mean handwriting here, which is more efficient than typing.

Read Aloud Before Sleep And After Getting Up

We are working on alfa brainwaves shortly before falling asleep and after waking up. It is the best time for learning, also new kind of thinking, the language of positivity and success. Therefore, read aloud or listen to the recordings before sleep and after waking up.

Record On the Phone And Listen To Them As Often As Possible

Read your affirmations aloud. But you will make even more from it and installation will be more efficient when you record your affirmations while reading them. Then you can use the recording for listening in the background while ironing, washing up, exercising, travelling or even walking downtown. The more times you hear your affirmation, the biggest change that it will work. Treat affirmations like learning a new language.

Disarm Your Objections

You may write down an affirmation and then feel resistance disbelieving them. In this case, use a different beginning for your affirmations:

I am confidently checking the balance of my bank account as I make a deposit of €1,000,000.” You are confidently checking the balance of your bank account as you make a deposit of €1,000,000.”
People say that I am confidently checking the balance of my bank account as I make a deposit of €1,000,000.”
“I am sure of losing 2 stones within three months.”You are sure of losing 2 stones within three months.”
People say that I will lose 2 stones within three months.”
Removing incredulity from your mind.

These linguistic structures work because it is more suggestive that something is said in the second person or other people say something about you. Be even more precise, using the name of your best friend instead of “people.”

In a Nutshell

Today you have learnt the eight ways how to create powerful affirmations and how to install them into your mind. Try these tips on you as soon as possible to live the happy, abundant, healthy and full of love fife. Good luck.

Victoria Herocten

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