How To Achieve Success #2 . Make a Powerful Action Plan

action planA guy was going to the party and stuck in the traffic jam and he was trying to prepare a successful action plan. Unfortunately, he still could not achieve success without one important tip.

Modify your action plan.What about calling your friends and asking for a pick-up when you cannot get there with your car? Are you sure that there is no option for you to visit your friend on other day? I am aware that you might not have many other options. The party is held today, you need to work after the weekend and it takes some hours to reach your friend’s place of living. They might be disappointed,weak in dealing with frustration and disappointment. On the other hand, you might receive a sudden message that your house was robbed or your mother had a heart attack.

Evn then, if you really want to achieve your goal, you will create a great action plan. Believe in success and attract good people and circumstances to yourself. The first step is to expect only a positive outcome and make an effort to materialize it. How can you do it in case of visiting your friend? Decide when you want to visit him and prepare an action plan – how you will get there, who will go with you, what you will take as a gift. To be even better prepared, create the B scenario, in case something could go wrong.

Here are some more obstacles that you can face when wanting to visit your friend. You have done your best to buy the nicest present. The flowers might fade by the time you reach the town. You have also planned your monthly budget and for frequent travelling will mean economizing on heating or going out. Your company is undergoing structural transformation so you are more careful about your job. But on the other hand, you haven’t seen your friend for over a year ans some of your family members – for more than five.

What can you do then? Prepare another action plan. Consider saving some money before visiting your friend and agree with him in advance when to come. If it is a birthday party, you can choose a different way of wishing him all the best and visit him later, on different occasion.

Achieve Success

  • Think about one of your goal which suddenly becomes difficult because of unexpected circumstances.
  • List your feeling about the situation and the ways to handle the challenge.
  • Makee a balance of pisitives and negatices.
  • Dcide how to change working on your goal and prepare an action plan.

Record your discoveries in the journal of success.

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