Happy Relationship. How To Make the Right Decision

make decision Everybody wants to create a happy relationship. However, you might not always sure how to make right decisions and eventually our relationships are tough. What can you do then?

Happy relationship and wealth. Imagine that you have plenty of money, can go on holiday to every place in the world and to buy all kinds of clothes or food. Some people might say that now you can relax and never ever bother about making decisions. You are rich enough to delegate management in most of fields in your life. You visit the most luxury travel agency, go to the most luxury restaurant… but your relationship soars.

Big number of choices would not be so problematic if the challenge concerned only the petty issues, like shopping. Then you just waste more time. However, the same rule applies to making the most important decisions in your life. Being rich means you can also meet more people and have more opportunities to find your mate, but your busy schedule and therefore, lack of time will impair the quality of the relationship.

1.  Think of Your Own Needs and Goals. Think how many times you have been manipulated by advertising, choosing the mates which were toxic. The risk decreases dramatically when you have defined your own major principles of life. Let’s say that you are looking for your new mate. Who do you really want to meet – appearance, traits, background? What are your hobbies and how much would you like to have in common? What is the ultimate purpose of the relationship?

2. Use the 80/20 rule. How many people do you contact on regular basis? Just check your address book and count who you call every week. Where is your mate? Who do you call the most often and why?. This is the person who brings 80% of your energy to build a happy relationship. I hope it is your mate.

3.Narrow down the number of options. When you apply for a job there is usually the shortlist stage in recruitment procedure. The same can be met while you are dating. Sometimes having too many criteria man make your dating search more difficult.

4. Double check the consequences of your potential decisions. Is it really your decision? Define it by your real preference or else you are under the influence of manipulation. Again let’s take dating. Supposing that you are a woman and you are going to date with a married person. Are you sure that you really want to be the second? Do you really believe that he will divorce with his present wife? Be aware that he might manipulate you, promising you things that will never be done. Or you might want to use your charm to seduce him, breaking the marriage. Whichever way of the two mentioned above it goes, it is always manipulation.

5. Be aware of manipulation and the times you are vulnerable to it. Do you miss him after a stressful day at work? Try this – but on a small scale. Recall your last stressful day and count how many times you were thinking of calling your man. Repeat the experiment during the day when you are relaxed. Can you see the difference?

Being stressed out is only one example of your vulnerability. Think of the amount of sleep, exhausting physical exercises or when being overwhelmed by stress during the day.

Achieve success. Check your address book. How many people are you actually calling and how often? Write down your discoveries in your journal of success.

Please comment today’s post and share with your friends. Have a nice day. Victoria Herocten

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