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Happiness Toolkit That Transforms Life

Many people ask me how to change negative beliefs and free from abuse. The answer is simple. You need the happiness toolkit to achieve this goal

“Folks are usually about as happy as they make their minds up to be.”
Abraham Lincoln

How To Use the Happiness Toolkit

Be aware that even the best tool will not work if you have no clue how to use it. Here are some necessary aspects of using happiness toolkit:

Your Commitment

Nothing will change in your life until you take massive action and commit to becoming a happy person. So before you even prepare your toolkit, think if you are really ready to work on your happiness.

Set the Time for Working on your Happiness

Decide how much time you will spend every day and during the week. Don’t forget about other duties and chores you have already. However, if you want to be a happy person, find some time to work on your needs and goals

Prepare the Tools

You can use various tools for working on your happiness, depending on your main channel of absorbing information. Some people prefer visual stimulation; others learn better listening or experiments. Depending on the way you learn, you can work with a diary or audio.


Writing is a crucial activity in life transformation creates become a happy person. You can choose a diary, a notebook or write your thoughts on a computer. Whichever tool you will choose, it depends on you.

However, remember that it is better to write by hand instead of typing on the keyboard of your computer or mobile. You need to be able to have access to your notes later, to reflect on what you have written and to notice the tremendous progress you have made.


If you are stimulated by visual aids, buy yourself an on the diary or draw pictures while writing. You can also make charts or use symbols which will make your notes more attractive. Your creativity will help you to find optimal solutions.

You can also work on your happiness drawing or painting pictures, with little or no text in them. Cartoons are perfect for this purpose as you can put your emotions in the characters which you are drawing. The dialogues created can reflect your mood and attitude.

Recording Audio

If you prefer audio, start recording what you have written. However, be sure no one will hear your private information about your challenges or insecurities. But you can record your own affirmations. Choose some from the list in my book. After recording, you can listen to them on your devices, like your mobile phone or a tablet.

A Good Book With Exercises

In “Awaken Mega Happiness” is a happiness toolkit.  You will find the full program with step-by-step exercises to do in order to become a happy person. Before you start working with the book, read this post (12 ingredients of happiness) Then identify which aspect needs the most attention: your thoughts, beliefs, life compass, your life compass or maybe your time management. Choose the element of happiness which needs the most work and make a plan on how to work on it.

Your Calendar with the Action Plan

Once you have defined on which issues you are going to work to become a happy person, set the appropriate goals to start the journey. Decide what action you will day on a daily basis when you will work you this goal, for how many days per week. Set realistic goals and the measures which will help you to succeed.

For example, don’t assume that you will eradicate all your beliefs within a week. Training your subconscious mind takes time, and it is like training your muscles. Start slow and gradually increase the level of difficulty. It means that you will choose the beliefs which are easy to be changed first.

Summing Up

Start using your happiness toolkit right now. Just go to the shop and buy a diary or a notebook, a pen and if you want – a set of colour pencils and a sharpener. If you prefer recording audio, purchase a dictaphone and save the recording on your computer or record your work on your phone.

Last But Not Least

I’d like to hear from you, so share your conclusions with others who will read this blog, as maybe you will help someone to avoid mistakes and become a happy person. Thank you.

Victoria Herocten

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