Forgive Other People. 2 Reasons


“Forgive those who hurt you.” Easier said than done. My today’s post will give you two reasons why it is worth trouble to practise forgiveness.

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”  – Martin Luther King, Jr.

Forgiving those who have hurt you does not mean that you are “okay” with what they did, or that you are excusing or condoning their actions. In point of fact, forgiveness doesn’t really have anything to do with the ones who hurt you at all.

Forgiveness means is that we are willing to let it go; that we are willing to give ourselves permission to move forward; that we are prepared to say “I am stronger than this” and to act on that assertion. Forgiveness does not mean forgetting, although this will make things easier.

2 Reasons To Forgive Other People

You might think: “Why should I forgive other people? It’s their fault, I was hurt.” The problem is that when you hold the grudge, you cumulate negative energy in your body and mind. You become a slave of this person mentally, he or she becomes a clutter in your head and heart.

Now I will describe you two main reasons which should convince you to change your attitude and forgive. I am aware that it is not easy to start forgiving other people, but doing so will help you to grow and enjoy the life more.

1. You Regain Freedom

It means that you are ready to cut the bonds of the past that tie you to the ones who cause you pain; that you are ready to live your life on your own terms; and that you are no longer willing to give away our power and see yourself as a victim.

let me explain that further. Compare the pain which someone has caused to a stone, thrown into your mind and heart. Even if you focus on other things, the stone is still there, like a tooth which is attacked by the decay. You can use the quick fix techniques to elevate your mood. Some of them might be harmful if overused, like drinking.

However, the problem is still not solved. The grudge can also be compared to a weed, growing in your mind and body, a vampire, stealing your precious energy. The negativity of lack of forgiveness creates the stem with leaves, finally giving crops of ever more negativity. Your attitude and unwillingness to let go are the roots.

When you forgive, the weed with roots is gone and you feel the outburst of the new, positive and empowering energy. You have released the stone from your mind and heart, like the most poisonous stool. I believe that you have forgiven at least once in your life. Think how you felt after doing this deed. Were you empowered and felt light in your heart?

Forgiveness will make you free from intrusive thoughts and recurring negative emotions. When you hold a grudge, anger and hurt, you generate negative thoughts about the person who has done you wrong. You accelerate the problem, ruminating about the event which is already invalid and passed by long time ago. Letting go the negative emotions and thoughts will set you free from them. And it means that

2. You Take Back your Own Power

This can be a very scary concept. Why? Bt because by choosing freedom, you are also accepting responsibility for your own life, which in turn means giving up your excuses; no more “I never got anywhere in life because I had a rotten childhood,” for example.

Sometimes resentment can be comforting in that way; it gives you someone to blame when you don’t like your current circumstances. But blame is just a smokescreen and a way of dodging your own responsibilities for charting your own course.

Forgiveness means taking action which means that you take your life in control. You decide what to do with the negativity instead of being controlled by it. How can you take action to forgive? Let all the resentment go like a poison vomited. Because lack of forgiveness poisons your body, mind and soul.

Take Action

Now I will give you the two simple ways to practise forgiveness. Letting go does not mean announcing the people who have hurt you that you forgive them. You do it in your own heart. Firstly, you commit not to ruminate the issue anymore. Secondly, you release the negativity. How?

Write. Affirmations are very powerful to release hurt, pain and anger. Just write ” I let … (negative feeling) go. I let … (negative feeling) go.I let … (negative feeling) go. ” at least 27 times. You can also approve your self-love: “I love and approve of myself. I love and approve of myself. I love and approve of myself.” Self-love means that you take care of the peace of your mind so negativity cannot be accepted.

How do you practise forgiveness?

I’d like to hear from you and learn your opinion on that post. Be so kind and leave your comment underneath. Help and inspire other people to grow. Thank you and have a nice day.

Victoria Herocten


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