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Find the 5 Personal Reasons For Helping The Others

We all know that helping other people can be beneficial. However, we often do not know where to start from. And do we help too little or too much? My today’s post will help you to crack this nut

5 Personal Reasons For Helping Others

I will list only five reasons why it is so beneficial to help other people. Yet I am sure you will be inspired to find more reasons and, after reading my post, will leave a comment. So let’s start from the first one:

1. You Want to Follow Your Heroes

It is often true that you admire someone and see that this person is generous. Look at musicians, sports stars or politicians. Think of Bill Gates, late Princess Diana, the Pope John Paul the 2nd, Mother Thresa. Now think, how many people joined her charity actions? You can find many similar “stars” in your own country – what are their names? The help does not only need to be material one. Think of the other support with which you may provide to other people.

Action exercise

List all the people who have inspired you up to now. Think about how they have helped you to grow and what you could model from their lifestyle to help the people in your community.

2. You Help Others to Accomplish Your Goals

This is the idea of the win-win theory. In order to win something, you need to lose something. We are co-dependent and no one can exist without other people’s help unless you are another Robinson Crusoe, yet even he could cope with life to some extent.

According to Brian Maxwell, you can help others to see them happy, better connected with family or organizations. When you see other people happy, the feeling of self-pride can be enormous, the fact that you have contributed to their life. Just remember that it is not business, it is an honest exchange of skills, commodities, and resources.

Beating your competition is one of the goals that you can achieve. It simply means – who helps more, in a better way and whose help is more appreciated. Then you are not seeking mutual support, but your own satisfaction. Have you found any examples of businesses, using charity as their marketing strategy, especially on the media? What about campaigns before elections? Which candidates, are famous for promising their “help”, in case of their victory?

Action Exercise

Look at your intentions of helping other people. Is it really the win-win or mostly win-lose? Do you help other people because you actually want to make them happy or do you think in the categories of business all the time?

3. You Want To Make Other People Happy 

And I DO mean making them happy. In this case, it is not a business. When you love or care about other people, like your family, friends and other dear ones, business does not count, you stop calculating who got more and who less.

Think of helping your children or older parents who need your care. It would be cruel to calculate, each time you help them if they have paid or will have paid their debt and at what interest rate.

There are moments in life when you totally forget about business and even the win-win way of helping others. Think of falling in love or having a newborn baby. Unless you treat unconditional love as a business or mistake infatuation with agape.

Think for a while. Who is so dear in your life that you can help them without calculating the future gain? Maybe the time has come to change our attitude towards other people and use the business one only in some cases?

4. Self-Pride

There are many reasons that can boost your mood – just because you can do something for others.It means that you feel competent. In the world of constant rat-race, seeing as competent empowers you dramatically. Your self-esteem rocks and it’s easier to take more difficult challenges then. Then even the toughest competitors at least seem less dangerous.

Hence, self-pride is nothing wrong until kept in moderation. We are usually criticized too many times. Yet this criticism is less often connected with helping others. We may use the wrong tool how to help, but the idea cannot be criticized unless you deliberately help to gain something and the goal in unethical.

When was the last time you felt totally proud of yourself, in a healthy way? How many things can you list writing:

I, …(your name), AM PROUD OF/ THAT…

Action Exercise

Do it now. List at least 10 things from all your life. I will give you even a bigger challenge: list 365 things you are proud of within the last 365 days. We are heading the end of 2018 soon so it is a good opportunity to start thinking of your achievements, in a healthy way.

5. You Meet With Gratitude

and again, I do not mean cold calculation here. Normally when someone helps you the feeling of gratitude is a standard. You think than how to reciprocate the helper, what you could do in return.

Like self-pride, happiness because of other people’s gratitude can be healthy or unhealthy. like everything, this reason should also be kept in moderation. No one likes help when they notice that gfratitude is the only thing you seek.

I have not listed all the reasons here. There are more motivators, inclining you to open your wallet or devote some time to others. Have you got any ideas? Share with us here. You can help me to create another list of tips – this time it will be your contribution.

In a Nutshell

We like helping others for some reasons. Some of them concern our feelings, like happiness and self-pride, other benefits are based on the truth that we are co-dependent and cannot exist without other people’s help, according to the win-win principle.

Victoria Herocten

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