How To Create Your Perfect New Year’s Resolution In 7 Steps

new year's resolutionHow many times have you failed to meet your new year’s resolution? If that is your case, learn the efficient tips to succeed in 2015.

Step 1. Review the resolution from last year

What have you achieved? Analyze the results. If you are not satisfied with the outcome, examine why it happened. Write down the conclusions, what lesson you have learned. The net time you can always do things differently and avoid doing things which do not work. Let’s say that you wanted to lose weight, but instead, you gained another few kilos.

Step 2. Decide if you want to set the same new year’s resolution for 2015

if you are not satisfied with the results of meeting your resolutions for this year, consider them for the next one. Suppose that you are overcritical to yourself, you might decide to decrease this by learning how to be more compassionate to yourself, to accept your flaws and imperfections.

Step 3. Modify your new year’s resolution

You may notice that you have set too big goals for yourself and therefore, you have failed. It happens and is a good lesson for the future. Planning the net year, divide the big goal into some smaller tasks. Then you will be able to succeed. Remember that being too ambitious can actually sabotage your progress. What about less strict weight loss goal? Instead of 20 kilos, try 10 first.

Step 4. Write the new year’s resolution down and list all the reasons why you want to meet it

No resolution will be met without writing it down. Choose a good diary or journal where you will write your resolution, so you can often look at the record to check your progress. What is even more important, write down all the reasons why you want to accomplish your goal. The reasons must be genuine yours, not because of “what others want, say” etc. Without the good reason to work on your resolution you will quickly fail, facing the first obstacle. So what exactly do you want to achieve, losing weight and why?

Step 5. Identify the obstacles of your new year’s resolution

While working on any resolution, you will face obstacles. The good news is that you can identify them in advance, so they will not surprise you, overwhelming or paralyzing. Knowing the obstacles, you are able to prepare an action plan in order to beat them. List all your potential obstacles, writing them down. You will probably be tempted by tasty snacks, treats given by your friends or during dinners. What will you do then?

Step 6. Prepare the methods of beating your obstacles

Do you know any strategies to win your obstacles? In some cases, you will be able to cope with your problems yourself. However, sometimes you will need others’ help. What are you going to give these people in return? Write down all the methods you can use to win your challenges and define when other people’s help is necessary and what to offer for it.

Step 7. Create action plan and plan a reward

Now when you know what you want to accomplish and what obstacles you can meet, time has come to prepare an action plan. Define in writing, what you are going to achieve each month, week. Use the SMART rule. Remember to set a reward for your achievement. Otherwise you will quickly resign. After losing each kilogram, go to the spa or buy yourself a new piece of cloth, of smaller size.

Achieve success. Look at your resolutions for this year. Choose one, evaluate your progress and define the one for the next year, according to the tips from today’s article. Good luck.

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