Check If Manipulation Is Abuse


You might think that there is no manipulation at all. But there is one more thing which may stir your mind, stealing your good energy.

You can notice that we even start to approve the negative tools, abusing your basic rights to freedom and happiness. But where is the truth? Think of the examples below and decide if manipulation is an abuse.

1. Your Partner Asks You To Do Him a Favour

You agree, but later learn that the “favor” means resigning from the meeting with your best friend. Instead he invites you to the cinema, which was supposed to happen last week. You start to defend, but he says that “you cannot appreciate my effort to please me”. Is it an abuse or manipulation?

2. The Second Time You Are Better Prepared To Win His Manipulation.

But this time he uses a new trick: “Okay, go to your friend, but I have more attractive option for you. We will go to the beauty saloon”. You are surprised, but the truth is that you were dreaming about this special treatment for a week.

It Was the Second Time When You Have Chosen Other Option Than Initially Considered.

Now you can look back. Have you really made your decisions according to your values? Your partner knows you very well, it happened that he used the same tricks at the beginning of the relationship. However, there was some tension last year and you started to avoid him. Unfortunately, every time when you wanted to face the truth he uses manipulation… to please you.

Take action.

Look at your own relationship – not necessarily with your boyfriend or husband. What would you prefer – temporary relief because he “cares” again or the real crack fixing, which might be painful? List pros and cons of each option and remember to record your discoveries in the winner’s book. after three months check your ideas and notice what has changed.

Victoria Herocten

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