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Are You Assertive? Test Yourself

After reading some of my last posts you might say that assertiveness is not your problem and you are assertive enough in your life. It’s great news. But in case, let’s check it.

Change Your Life Relationships Successful Communication

How To Be Assertive In Practice

Assertiveness is a big issue in relationships. Many people, however, are not aware hot to communicate and interact in an assertive way. Today I will give help you to solve this problem.

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Assertiveness: 5 Most Common Myths

assertivenessAssertiveness is a key tool that you need to heal your abusive relationship. However, you can find many myths which may impede this skill. What is the truth about assertiveness then?

Relationships Successful Communication Toxic People

How To Stop Bullying. 10 Proven Steps

stop bullyingWhen you are faced with a problem of bullying, how do you go about solving it? Sometimes you may let it overwhelm you, on other time you flex it. Today I will show you how to do it in an efficient way.

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Arguments: Can You Win-Win? #2

argumentHow to win-win an argument? What to do to keep harmony in the relationship after stormy exchange of words? Follow the steps described in my today’s and last posts. Good luck.