7 Kinds of Affirmations That Work

Affirmations are popular as one of the most effective tools for transforming your life. I have already written some posts about this topic. However, lately, I have found a new concept of using affirmations.

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15 Questions That Will Change Your Life

We all know that words transform. Moreover, it is proved that questions are even more powerful than statements in changing your reality. Today I will present you 15 quantum questions which will help you to create a happy life.

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10 Cases When You Don’t Respect Yourself Part 1

Self-respect is crucial if you want to be a happy person in all dimensions: body, mind, and soul. However, more often you commit the sin of not respecting yourself. I will present you ten the most common cases. These are not all the examples of lack of self-respect, but in order not to frighten you too much, I have chosen only these occurring the most often.

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