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5 Efficient Steps How To Let Go Anger And Bitterness

In January this year, I have written some posts about forgiveness and acceptance. Many readers commented that it was hard to forgive because of anger and bitterness. Today I will show you how to solve this problem.

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A Letter To Your Inner Child

Have you ever wondered how to talk to your inner child? I have tried and have decided to give you an example of my conversation with this delicate aspect of your personality. Here it is.

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10 Ways How To Forgive Yourself

I have already written an article about the 14 things which you need to forgive yourself. Now you might ask me: ‘How to do it?’ Today I will give you the answer. Let’s start from forgiving yourself first.

Challenges Change Your Life Forgiveness

14 Things You Need To Forgive Yourself

Many times we hear about forgiving other people and asking for forgiveness. However, there is also a third layer of forgiving: you need to forgive yourself. Today I will give you 14 examples of things which require self-forgiveness.

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How To Accept Everything In Your Life

If you have done an acceptance test in my last post, your mood might plummet. No one wants to see the amount of work to be done. However, I’ve got good news for you: acceptance is at your hand and you can do it.