Challenges Close the Past Emotional Wellbeing Forgiveness

A Letter To Your Inner Child

Have you ever wondered how to talk to your inner child? I have tried and have decided to give you an example of my conversation with this delicate aspect of your personality. Here it is.

Challenges Change Your Life Close the Past Emotional Wellbeing

8 Proven Ways to Work With Your Inner Child Part 2

Working with inner child is a very long and sometimes difficult process. You have already learned how to use speaking and writing Today I will describe the remaining six methods of working with your inner child.

Change Your Life Close the Past Thoughts Management

15 Questions That Will Change Your Life

We all know that words transform. Moreover, it is proved that questions are even more powerful than statements in changing your reality. Today I will present you 15 quantum questions which will help you to create a happy life.

Change Your Life Close the Past Relationships

3 Reasons Why You Do Not Need Approval of People

We often yearn for other people’s approval. Rejection is painful and causes discomfort because, belonging to a group of people makes life easier. However, today I will ask you a question: