Goal Setting After Ending an Abusive Relationship

set goalsSetting goals is one of the most difficult skills that you must master to achieve personal success after ending an abusive relationship. Only a few know how to effectively determine what they want from life. The truth is brutal.

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How To Achieve Success #2 . Make a Powerful Action Plan

action planA guy was going to the party and stuck in the traffic jam and he was trying to prepare a successful action plan. Unfortunately, he still could not achieve success without one important tip.

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5 key reasons to keep positive attitude in your relationship

positive attitudeHave you got positive attitude in your relationship? If yes, happy days. If no, I will help you to fix the problem. I will show you why positive attitude is so important, especially during difficult times.

Everything is easy at the beginning, when people fall in love in each other, do not recognize the partner’s flaws and have an optimistic vision for the future. However, within the time, you recognize the brutal reality and it only depends on you how to handle it.

1. Stop being infected with negative attitude from others

Everybody probably has got many examples of how negative thinking or a negative attitude has turned into a negative situation. You can point out negative people and give plenty of examples how that negative attitude is influencing their life.

How can you protect yourself from negative attitude?

Firstly, take a moment to list all of the people you know who generally have a negative disposition. Then think of all the negative experiences they tell you about and all the negative news that they share. How do you feel when you have to listen to all of that?

Secondly, decide to limit or even cut contact with the people on the list. You do not have to break all the relationships immediately. Try to cut emotionally first, limit the time available for them. Sometimes it might be hard, as the people who spread negativity include your parents, parents-in-law or even your husband. In the last case, establish new rules which will improve the relationship.

Thirdly, get rid of the negativity from your life. It is like a virus and has to be destroyed. Otherwise, you will be infected and spread negativity yourself.

2. Avoid spreading negative attitude yourself

Look at your own life and see how negativity has affected you. It’s likely that you have let a negative attitude direct you in at least one situation in your life. No one is perfect, neither you. Can you remember a time when your negative attitude caused problems in a situation? Just negative thinking can destroy your opportunities and relationships in life. It is followed by negative action and words. Do not deceive yourself. As you can sense negativity from others, the opposite process also applies.

You can probably look at it now and see just how the negative attitude worked against you. Even if the situation was positive at the beginning, your negative attitude likely has spoiled it. This demonstrates the destructive nature of a negative attitude. It also teaches you to do everything possible so that your attitude is positive.

How to boost positive attitude

Firstly, start looking at the positive and train your mind to find the positive in everything. It might be hard when you are struggling in your relationship. But there is always something to be grateful for. Start from the simplest thing and realize that other people are in worse situation and you are lucky to possess things they do not have.

Secondly, take the negative you cannot ignore and turn it into a positive. If it is something which has to be changed, identify a positive action that you can take to change the situation. Even an argument can be seen as positive, because you had an opportunity to ease your negative emotions and communicate your feelings.

3. A positive attitude creates belief and determination in your relationship

There are no roadblocks that you cannot handle with a positive attitude. You are determined to find a way to pass any obstacle which may block your path. You are aware that there will be challenges but your confidence and determination are enough to take win the obstacles. It is a long time since Henry Ford told us one important thing: Whether we believe that we can or believe that we cannot; we are right.” He understood the importance of a positive attitude and that comment is as true today as it was then.

What is your confidence and determination? Are you ready to sacrifice your ego and keep urges at bay to save your relationship? Think about your present situation. How can you use determination and self-confidence to solve the problems that exist in your relationship or to keep the good time forever?

4. Your positive attitude feeds itself

Positive attitude changes your life in many ways when you adopt it. It changes your thoughts, the actions that you take on a daily basis and your goals. The new, more positive thoughts and goals will go a long way towards reinforcing your new attitude and making it stick. They also help you to see the benefits of your new way of life. You become determined not to go back to your old ways when you start to experience the benefits.

Think what feeds positive attitude in your relationship. What can you do to experience even more positivity? Which of your actions and goals have brought you to the good times you enjoy now or helped to improve the struggling times?

5. Your positive attitude influences others

You are basically broadcasting your attitude when you interact with other people. Of course, you want those interactions to be positive. Doing this way will bring you positive things into your life. A good example is during a date. If you approach the new person with a negative attitude then you likely will not meet him again.

The same applies to serious talks with your husband. If you have something important to discuss and are confident with your views, chances are that he will take your option to the agreement that you both will make later. The way you approach others can have a huge impact on your life. Thus make sure you are using your attitude as your ally when interacting with others.

Achieve success.
Take a look at your relationship. Are you satisfied with it? Write down how you could bring more positivity into your relationship. Make an action plan and implement it instantly.

Please comment today’s post and share with your friends. Have a nice day. Victoria Herocten

How To Stay Positive Despite an Abusive Relationship #3

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