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3 Steps How To Identify Your Beliefs

Beliefs can help you to become a happy person or sabotage your actions. Can you master them? Learn your excellence, taking the first step today.

“Realizing that our actions, feelings and behaviour are the results of our own images and beliefs gives us the level that psychology has always needed for changing personality.” – Maxwell Maltz

How To Recognise Beliefs

Before you start working with beliefs, you need to recognise them. Here are some simple ways that you can use to achieve this goal:

Look Around

Can you notice a repeating problem in an area of your life? Then you can be sure that you have a false or limiting belief in this field. This does not mean yet that just because you are in between relationships or jobs, you necessarily have a false belief. But if the problem continually reappears, then you can be 99% confident a false negative belief is involved.

For example, you might not be able to defend from name-calling because of fear. Then you might believe: I deserve that treatment” or “I can’t stand up for myself”.
Log your internal dialogue.

Write the thoughts that come to your mind. Then go back a couple of days later and read what you wrote is an even more effective process. Your thoughts may appear right, but false belief that is causing the reaction is behind the story. Illusions in the mind are revealed when you look at things from a different point of view.

Watch Your Self-Talk

You might be surprised to notice the embedded beliefs within your words. Many of the words you speak come out as an automatic reaction of your belief system. Being aware of your words also can reveal a great deal about your thinking.

If you pay attention to the words that come out of our mouth, you will find clues that will help you identify beliefs. Seeing your thoughts and words as being true is a critical step if you are to make any progress.

Some people consider self-talk as a stupid thing. however, I can assure you that many people talk to themselves while being angry or thinking aloud. Take a notebook and the next time you talk to yourself write down your words. It will help you to identify your beliefs.

Watch Your Emotions

Being aware of your emotions is a crucial element in solving the mystery of what you believe in. When you identify an emotion, it is easier to see the specific belief.
You will dissolve away many negative emotions by identifying and changing the core beliefs in our mind. Being aware of them is the first and most critical step in this process.

Your fear or helplessness can be intensified by negative beliefs, like “I won’t handle this”. “It’s too difficult”.

I have given you only three tools as more would overwhelm you. Exploring your emotions only will give you an opportunity to discover the messages lying underneath.

In a Nutshell

Summing up, observing your behaviour and feelings will help you to identify both positive and negative beliefs. My next post will give you more tools on how to recognize self-limiting beliefs.

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Victoria Herocten

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