30 Awesome Things To Be Grateful For # 1

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Have you ever wondered that you could practise gratitude nearly for everything? If you find this idea awkward, I will give you thirty everyday things for which you can be grateful.

Saying thank you is more than good manners. It is good spirituality. ~Alfred Painter

30 Beautiful Tings To Be Grateful For

Before we start our list, take a piece of paper and try to write down 30 things for which you are grateful withing the last week right now. For example, I can be grateful God for giving me the power to create some inspiring posts to make other people happier; that I can walk, see, hear, talk and admire the beautiful wonders of nature.

1. Simply Having Another Day To Be Alive

We often forget that life is the biggest gift. Until you can think and use your senses, mind, and body to create something, there is always something you can set up and do something for this world. Just take control over your life, make decisions often and take action.

2. There Are Still Around the People You Love

This is another thing you usually do not appreciate. And then, for the rest of your life, there is a drama, that you haven’t reconciled with your parents, that you haven’t told them how much you. Therefore, do your best to spend as much time with your loved ones as possible, give them presents, listen to them and learn from them.

3. Waking up And Remembering afteA a Few Seconds That It’s the Day Off

How many times does it happen that you complain about another day at work? Now you have a chance to enjoy the day off. Take advantage of that time and be grateful

4. The Nature

When did it happen that you had noticed the spring arrival, some colorful leaves on trees, the beautiful flowers on the meadow, the beauty of the sea or the mountains? Look around your garden or the countryside. Appreciate at least one thing that is the wonder of nature.

5. A Friend Who Unknowingly Reaches Out to You At the Exact Moment

We usually do not appreciate friends, until they are gone. The biggest your trouble, the more you can be grateful your friends for help. Remember to thank them and offer something in return. As you know, real friends turn up in the hard times, so nourish relationships with them.

6. Being Able to Learn From Your Past Experiences

That one might be challenging. However, the more you can learn from your past experiences, the stronger you are. And the more painful are these experiences, the bigger strength you develop. Past experiences teach us humility and appreciating what kind we have.

7. The Enjoyment of Small Things

Let’s do an experiment today. List at least ten things that make you pleasure. It might be a cup of coffee, a hot bath or just your favourite program on TV. Continue filling up this list for the next three days and each evening express gratitude for each of the items. You will notice a significant shift in your mood, starting to focus on the positive side of life.

8. All That Makes You Laugh

If you like watching comedies or telling jokes, think for a while. Not everyone has sense of humour and you might feel lucky in your family or amoung your friends. Appreciate that you are the spark lighting up the darkness of gloomy individuals.

9. All your Things Done

That is a big reason to be proud of yourself and a great opportunity to thank all the people who have helped you. The satisfaction is even more significant when you have completed an unpleasant or a very difficult task. Thank God and yourself that you have found the power and motivation to accomplish this goal.

10. All Your Achieved Goals, Even If it Seemed Impossible

Sometimes there are goals which might seem impossible at the beginning. Let’s say that you were promoted in your company despite fierce competition or you have been able to start a new, happy life, far away from abuse and a toxic partner. Congratulate yourself.

11. Light is Green In the Massive Traffic

Think of the moment when you were in a big hurry and luckily; there were green lights on the way. Have you ever appreciated it? The next time notices the miracle and be grateful. Every time there is a green ligt, and you can go, understand it.

12. Starting a Business And Still Being Better Than Your Competition

It may be a real miracle. However, if you have done the job before starting the business, researching the market and preparing the right strategy, the chances are that you will succeed. Keep up doing a good job, but also find a while to thank all your helpers and the Force Majour for favourable circumstances.

13. Getting Rid of Clutter

It can help me a great relief when you finally do the job and get reid of the clutter. We all know how hard it is to start a mundane task, which seems to be unpleasant and tedious. Then be even more thankful for determination to do this task.

14. The Internet

Can you imagine the life without the Internet today? No Facebook, no emails to friends, no Skype? What would you do if one day the Internet was cut off? Therefore, appreciate every moment you can enjoy the network, being able to contact people all over the world.

15. Your House

Talk to a homeless person, and you will appreciate having the roof over your head. Do you take care of your house or flat? Recall the times when you used to live with your parents and were dreaming about having a house. It meant independence and some freedom. We all know that it is wrong totally, but having your house, you can grow, cut off from your toxic family and establish your own rules.

And Last But Not Least…

I’d like to hear from you. Share this articles with your friends. What are you grateful for? Thank you.

Victoria Herocten


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