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How To Help People More Efficiently – Authentic Story

How to help people more efficiently? Successful people put this question every day. This post will be based on authentic facts.

How To Help People. Authentic Story

Let’s start from an authentic example – very useful in case of the present disaster. How do you think? Can helping others be useless? Do you always meet with gratitude?

Suppose they are not ready for the gifts or will not use the resources in the way we think. Are you sure what the Japanese need from the others right now?  The example below will show you what can happen when you help others in the wrong way.

Lately, I have read an article about helping people in Africa. Sometimes the whites build factories, draining pipes and housing estates – according to European standards. The Africans also receive a huge amount of AIDS vaccines.

Now guess what is happening? Can you notice gratitude of the people, and using the houses according to European standards? No. Very soon the windows disappear, the brick is removed and the roofs are covered with a similar type of material as this used in all African cottages. They start to plant corn nearby, weeding off all the plants and destroying flower beds. The vaccines are used to produce alcohol.

Are these people stupid or ungrateful? It is your decision to judge. But their behaviour results from something. Living in the climate, where corn can grow all year round, they don’t need to plant it in enormous amounts and store, like in Europe or in the US. After eating a few rows, they just seed new ones and they always have ripe cobs and others – growing.

In the case of houses – the Africans don’t need windows, living in a hot climate. Living in a stable, hot climate, especially those far from tropical zones (where wet and dry spells occur) – the people are not accustomed to fighting with severe conditions – similar to Russian or Swedish, for example.


How would you help the people in Africa or Japan? What is your opinion on helping people at all? When help is a reasonable action? Share your views here and on my Facebook pages.

Victoria Herocten

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