About the Author

about the author

You are curious who I am. Just an ordinary woman, living in Ireland and doing my best to be happy. I have tested million success strategies. All of them are like tools; they are neutral. However, you can use these success strategies to help others or to destroy people in order to succeed yourself.

English is my second language so please, be understanding if there are some mistakes, despite doing my best to correct them. I’m still learning.

What I want to teach you on this blog is: Be successful, but never harm others because then you will not be happy. Treat other people as you want to be treated. Then peace, harmony and love will be present in your life permanently.

During my journey with self-development for 15 years, I have been going through ups and downs and have eventually evolved – from someone who is afraid of assertiveness, believes in “I don’t deserve”, “I won’t be accepted/loved if I do not please people”. These are only some examples. apart from beliefs, I have eliminated bitterness, anger and sulkiness because of the toxic people who have hurt me in the past. I am even able to talk to most of them without the fear of their anger or stings.

You can achieve it too – the inner peace, serenity which will be with you even if other people have different views on life or are stubborn, or just are spreading negativity, without even knowing about it.

life motto

My life motto is:

If you want to be free  forgive and let the past go; 
If you want to be happy  live in the present and eliminate all negativity from your thoughts, words and actions;
If you want to be surrounded by positive people  stop complaining, playing the victim, judging, putting labels and talking behind others’ back;
If you want awesome things to happen in your life – be grateful and focus on what you want, not what you lack;
If you want to be the Being of the Light – understand your connection with God and open your heart.
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