7 ways To Make 2020 the Best Year In Your Life

New Year 2020 is just about to start, a new beginning, a new opportunity for you to start a happier, more fulfilled life. How can you make 2020 the best year of your life?

Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year. Ralph Waldo Emerson

Analyze Your Successes And Failures in 2019

Do it in writing. List at least 365 small achievements during the ending year. They can be as small as writing a single blog post or being able to stick to your resolutions. What have you learned, seen? How many books have you read?

Now think of your failures. This time list only twelve of them, or even less. These are your lessons. To make the progress the next time, choose the biggest failure which happened this year and answer these four questions:

  • Why have you failed?
  • What could you do better?
  • What would you do the next time differently?
  • What would you stop doing the next time?

How To Make 2020 the Best Year In Your Life

I will give you seven simple tips which will help you to make 2017 the best year in your life. Here they are:

Learn From the Mistakes Made Last Year

Once again look at your failures. Again, in writing, answer these questions:

  • What mistakes have you made?
  • Have they been deliberate?
  • Were you aware of them, making decisions?
  • What can you learn from the mistakes?

Learn How to Manage your Thoughts

We are very inclined to negative thinking. Even the most positive people are vulnerable. Therefore, thoughts management is so important. How to stop thinking negatively. Here are some tips:

Ask Questions

For example: How true is this thought? What is the worst thing that could happen? What would my friend say in this situation?

Use snippets

These are short statements which help you to break the pattern of negative thinking. For example: Stop it! No assumptions! Think of your dominant thoughts, i.e. the thoughts you are ruminating the most often, every day. If they are negative, the time has come to take control of them in 2020.

Change your Beliefs

Last month and in November I have published 10 articles about how to change beliefs. Here are the most important steps to do it:

  • identify the belief
  • identify the references
  • do the cost-benefit analysis
  • question the beliefs
  • question the references

Get On Well with People

This means being compassionate, forgive and be nice. Even to the toxic people. While you should do your best to cut off from the toxic people, if you do have to stay around them, do not spread anger and negativity yourself.

Cut Off From the Toxic and Abusive People

You have to spend another year in an abusive relationship. Are you really happy? You have lost another 366 days to work on your happiness and self-fulfilment. What have you done to improve or save the relationship?

Toxic neighbours cause similar problems. Think about what to change the next year. Consider moving out if necessary. Or at least, you can start this instantly, program your subconscious mind to attract more positive people to your life.

Set Compelling Goals

Life without goals is like sailing without the map and the destination. Then you procrastinate and are frustrated. Also, remember that you can have goals, but they are not yours. What’s then? Think of the goals set last year. How well have you done during these 366 days? Which of these goals would you pursue again the next year?

While setting goals, use the SMART method, (i.e. specific, measurable, ambitious, realistic and time-oriented) but also create an emergency goal, i.e. the smaller goal which if achieved, still keeps your resolution alive, even if you stumble.

Monitor your goals

You will not meet your yearly resolutions or achieve any goal without daily monitoring of your progress. Rome was not built within one day. However every day the builders put another brick to create the city. It took time to achieve this goal, but they could compare how much they had accomplished within a week, month and even a year. Do the same for your goals.

I wish you a prosperous 2020 with an abundance of wealth, health and love, with your goals accomplished and peace of mind.

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What Are Your Goals For 2020?

I would like to hear from you so be so kind and share your views under this post. You can help other people and me to create more interesting articles for you. Thank you and have a nice day.

Victoria Herocten

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