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7 Ways How To Reconnect With Your Inner Child

We all miss the innocence and spontaneousity which we had during childhood. The good news is that whatever your age is, you can reconnect with your inner child. Today I will show you how to do it.

How To Reconnect With Your Inner Child

There are seven proven ways by which you can have access to this innocent, spontaneous part of your self. They are not difficult to apply and in most cases, cost you nothing. Here they are:

1. Going For a Walk

Recall the times when you were a kid totally enraptured with the idea of art as actual creation. Recall the idea that the leaves you drew were somehow connected to the leaves along an autumn walk. Start it again, to walk through your world which will re-centre you.

While going for a walk look at the nature with the eyes of a child. Ask your inner child what he or she would like to do during this walk. Listen to the answer and if possible – cuddle the tree, stroke the flower of just smile to the bird singing.

2. Nurturing Your Goals

Your inner child always recalls when you routinely imagined that you could accomplish impossible tasks. However, when we are adults, we work under deadlines and are overworked. Then there is no time to reflect what you really want from your life and how pround you could be of your achievements.

But you can look it at a different way. Tell yourself you’d like to feel better physically. Take three-to-five minutes each day to say hello to a different part of your anatomy via the wonders of muscle use.

Tell yourself your dream is to finish writing a book. It may not be a successful, award-winning book, but it is a great book. Its story has been in your head for years. The same can concern drawing, playing a musical instrument.

3. Laughing

A full-bellied, no holds barred laugh of utter glee is one of the best ways to reconnect with your inner child. Therefore, laugh as if no one is looking at your face, which might seem weird. Never pretend that there is nothing funny in your life. You have wanted to laugh spontaneously on so many occasions it would feel an extensive gag real, but you held back.

4. Playing

Never for stakes. Never for levelling up. Never for dominance. Play for the pleasure of playing. This can take the form of mental play by engaging a friend in witty banter. Scrabble or doing crosswords are the best examples. It can be a board game whose rules and goals do not reveal the underlying darkness of your unspoken soul. For example, Monopoly has been widely noted to bring out a surprising amount of feral behaviour in people. Today you can also play more modern games of this kind Cashflows 101 and 202 invented by Robert Kiyosaki.

Playing can also take the physical form: all the sports or even children’s games like tacking. Recall the wonderful times in the luna park where you were doing relay races, Frisbee or bumper cars. In the case of adults, use sexual activity as a play: sex, bumper cars, late morning massages.

5. Work

This may seem like a paradox. How can inner child work? However, recall the laser-like concentration you focused onto tasks you set your heart on as a child. Building a house from Lego, dressing a doll, making a meal. Even if sometimes this work was only the imitation of what adults do.

It is a myth that kids do not like to work; they simply like to work on things that are worthwhile. But when we go to school and start seeing the stupidity of some things which are to be learned, it is natural that we do not like learning them.

Work and your goals

Here we go back to nurturing your goals, while adding the dimension of finding enjoyment or focus in what you are doing while you are doing it, no matter what it may be. Your inner child can clear a path to what matters. Your inner child wants to work. It wants to discover, feel useful, and even – if deep in the zone – innovate.

Stop procrastinating and grumbling. Make a list of your dreams and another list of your talents. Use them to create something great. Grab a tool (for example a pen, rake, hammer, broom, paintbrush, filing cabinet, 60 words-per-minute typing ability) and do something.

Read more about setting goals:

6. Greet Life And Possibility

Your inner child’s formative years were spent in a state of constant hello. You said hello to new people, new sights and experiences. If there was no one else around and hello was needed, you said it to yourself. Now you can do it again and hello expands your comfort zone and recreate you. Every new situation or a new person requires you to adapt and evolve, turning you into the being of infinite wonders. Do not be the inner grumpus who is passive and seeks excuses. Be your inner child.

7. Forming A Ring Around Yourself

The inner child, like all children, is easily frightened. Hence he or she needs to feel protected. You need to feel protected. We use a ring for that. The ring is not necessarily to keep others out but to confirm and cherish what you know to be your inner you: your gifts, compassion, the journey toward understanding more than you came into this world knowing all the precious things.

How to form the ring? Use visualisation. Surround yourself with white or purple light which protects you from negativity. You can also put on a tight white or purple uniform. Do this visualisation whenever you start feeling that negativity attacks you.

What protection can you create?

You can call it self-respect, actualization, boundaries. You can also call it an unshakable identity. The name is not important, you just love and protect yourself from harm – emotional, physical, or spiritual ones.

Remember to know your strength, know your worth, and be proud of who you are. In this way, you will meet your inner child greeting you every morning with a bright, “Hello!”

In a Nutshell

Today you have learnt how to reconnect with your inner child. Playing, walking, setting worthwile goals, work and laugh are the most common ways. If you have more ideas, leave a comment so I could broaden this important topic.

Victoria Herocten

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