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4 Secrets To Know Before Reconnecting With Inner Child

Having a healthy relationship with your inner child is very important for overall happiness. I have already written about how to meet your inner child. Today you will learn the four secrets how to reconnect with him or her.

How To Connect With Your Inner Child

As you will learn soon, the process of connecting with your inner child may be hard or even painful for a while. However, the reward is bigger than the discomfort at the beginning. Let’s look at the obstacles first.

1. Face Your Objections

Connecting with something that is in our minds can be a strange and uncomfortable idea for many people. Why? Because people often may be thinking, “this is crazy,” “that was years ago, it’s not possible to connect to myself as a child.”

However, the truth is that whatever was a long time ago can still serve you. Think of the skill you have learned in your childhood and which you can use now.

Nervousness or possibly being scared to connect with your inner child may result from not knowing what you will find and how you will handle old emotions and wounds. We all avoid pain at every sake and going beyond our comfort zone.

2. Find the Benefits of Reconnection

You might be thinking it’s better to leave these parts and memories alone because it will only cause more pain and hardship for you. However, if your inner child is unhealthy, you will face with chronic pain anyway. And this pain will last as long as you will heal your inner child.

What is better? Keeping the status quo and feeling constant discomfort, like a toothache or a back pain which becomes stronger during the weather changes? Or go to the dentist or orthopedist and have the tooth or back healed? it will be painful, but the relief will be enormous.

Fear Of the Unknown And Pain

You also might be afraid of the unknown and the painful changes. Although they are understandable fears, they are not beneficial or based in reality. Your inner child can only cause you “harm” if you leave him or her unchecked and ignored. It is simply a part of yourself that wants and needs your attention. Yes, he or she may express a lot of anger or sadness at first for being forgotten and unattended to for so long. However, once the inner child knows you are serious about giving him or her love, listening to them and protecting them, old issues can be resolved much faster and offer a lot of joy and love.

What Is the Truth About Reconnecting With Your Inner Child?

Imagine a child who is happy, playful and loving versus a child who is angry, scared or withdrawn. The laugh and energy of the first one are infectious and life-affirming. A happy child is also loving, affectionate and expressive. Therefore, when your inner child feels happy, safe, balanced and loved- you feel happy, safe, balanced and loved.

Although life is still challenging and difficult at times, it is much easier to manage and to stay balanced during difficult times when your inner child is secure. Therefore, the process of healing him or her and reconnecting with them is so important.

3. Use These Tips

You can do the work through a lot of visualization along with other techniques such as writing, drawing and talking. The more you can really visualize and see your inner child as an actual part of you, the better your connection with it regardless of the technique. I will describe these techniques more thoroughly in my next posts.

Useful Tips Before You Start

You may feel uncomfortable, awkward or strange at first, but know that this is very normal and perfectly ok. Here are some useful tips:

  • Try not to judge yourself during this process of reconnection.
  • Do not be impatient with your inner child and progress.
  • Make a life-long commitment and connection with yourself.
  • Be careful of the turbulent times in your life (i.e. the stressful ones). Your inner child will require more attention at different times in your life as different stressors and triggers appear.
  • Be careful of the critical issues, potentially “resolved”. They can reappear at different moments, as well, depending on how balanced you are feeling and how deep an issue is in your psyche.
  • Give your inner child more attention then.
  • Go slowly, listen to what your child says without judgement.
  • Never minimise the emotions of him or her.

Inner child work is the process of contacting, understanding, embracing and healing your inner child. Your inner child represents your first original self that entered into this world; it contains your capacity to experience wonder, joy, innocence, sensitivity and playfulness.

Loner Woolf

4. Overcome Challenges

If your inner child is very angry or self-destructive, set loving boundaries as you try to build your relationship and understand the child’s underlying anger. Remember that connecting with your inner child, as with a real child, does not mean you allow him or her to act out however they wants to. Here are some tips how to do it effectively:

  • Listen to him or her and acknowledge what they are feeling – extremely important
  • You do not need to agree with or understand your inner child’s feelings
  • Give the child all your love, affection, acknowledgement, praise, boundaries and protection that you needed growing up.
  • Act as a healthy parent. If you have no idea who they are, think about someone who you like or admire and emulate them.

In a Nutshell

Today I have presented you how to prepare for reconnecting with your inner child. Overcome objections by finding the benefits of healing your inner child and use the tips how to do the process of reconnection and how to win the obstacles on the way. My next articles will describe some techniques in detail so stay tuned.

Victoria Herocten

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