Conflicts In Your Family: 3 Effective Steps To Tame Them

happy familyAre you ready to take the challenge of making difficult decision? Chances are that you will achieve success knowing that.

Let’s explain you how to take the family challenge and succeed. Imagine that you are going to visit your family next week. At the same time there is an attractive trip which you have booked already and used all your savings for payment. What would you do?

Unfortunately you have forgotten about the trip and had promised your parents to pick them up to the birthday party as they had no one to help them. But you still have some spare time, fortunately. What can you do?

1. You can compromise

Stay for some minutes to give your aunt the present. At least you have wished her happy birthday. You will have to take the challenge of anger, criticism which your family will show to you. But even then it is better that you have taken even a tiny action to show that you care, even going for the trip later. Do your family appreciate that? That is another question.

2. Discuss some options with your family

It will be even better when you inform your aunt in advance that you will come only for a while. Appearing without explanation and apology will definitely bruise the image of happy family and the relationship will be more difficult in the future.

3. Find the alternative

Even if you have to go for that unfortunate trip and miss the birthday party, there is always an opportunity to compensate that in the future. Suggest to offer something special to your aunt after coming back from the trip. Discuss the options with her and choose the best one.

If she is still angry and unwilling to cooperate, you have to wait or assume that you take no responsibility for her reaction, but are fair yourself, because at least you are trying to make a good deed.

Take action

Think of your present dilemma in your family life. What can you do today to take the challenge and achieve success? Make a list of solutions in writing and choose one to implement. Then take action.

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Victoria Herocten

Victoria HeroctenAuthor: Victoria Herocten Writer and coach.
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