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20 + 1 Best Self-Help Tips On Creating Happy Life

Today my blog has reached a milestone. Therefore, I would like to share 20 + 1 most important tips on how to have a happy life. Enjoy reading.

The 20 + 1 Tips On Happy Life

Note that the topic of a happy life is very broad as happiness means something different for everyone. However, there are some universal tips on happiness which can be used by anyone. Here are the 20 most useful tips:

1. Be Assertive

Healthy relationships do not exist without assertiveness. You need to have clear boundaries and your partner has to respect them. We need to use both words “yes” and “no”. Relationships without assertiveness become disharmonious and often abusive.

2. Be Grateful

There is no happiness without gratitude, without seeing and appreciating all that you have instead of focusing on what you lack. Practise writing the gratitude journal and you quickly notice the value of this practice.

3. Stop Judging People

If you judge others, they will judge you. Never use judgement as you do not fit the other person’s shoes so that how can you assess their value?

4. Learn How To Face Criticism And Rejection

The fears of criticism and rejections inhibit all individuals in their adult lives. However, remember that these fears are learnt and can be unlearnt, like automatic habits. Happy life assumes having almost none of these fears.

5. Take Responsibility For Your Life

If you do want to be a happy individual, stop asking other people to change your nappies, stop grumbling, making excuses and blaming – other people, circumstances and yourself. Take your life in your hands, no one else will live it for you.

6. Know your Life Values and Live According To Them

What is important for you? Happy people know their values and live according to them. Think for a while: does honesty, love, fair play mean to you? Or maybe fun and work? Read the article linked above, do some exercises described there and your happiness level will increase.

7. Live According To the Directions of Your Life

Life directions. Do you know where you are actually going? What is your life path? Walking someone else’s life path is exhausting. Establish your own one. Follow the instructions in the article linked to this tip to find your life path.

8. Know Your Life Mission

What is the mission of your life? If you do not know it, your life is purposeless and this will never make you happy. Check the article linked above to find your life mission.

9. Set And Work On Achievable Goals

We are purposeless without goals. While life mission and direction show us the main path, the milestones and their smaller stages are what really matters. What are your goals for 2020? Happy people have them written down and pursue their goals despite challenges and obstacles.

10. Stop Procrastinating

People who have a happy life do not procrastinate. They know that every second count and that time is an irrevocable asset. Even if they do face challenges, productivity is a priority.

11. Face the Challenges And Never Fear Changes

The universal law of Change/Movement states that nothing is constant and everything is changing all the time. Look at the daily, lunar and solar cycles, the seasons, the menstrual cycle – all is changing all the time, there is no status quo. Take the attitude that if you lose something, a better opportunity is just knocking at your door.

12. Be Compassionate To Yourself

Self-compassion will help you to deal with mistakes and limits. Be considerate to your weaker days, failures and flaws. Remember that you are a unique, wonderful and beautiful individual.

13. Forgive Yourself And Other People

Forgiveness is a must to create happy relationships – with yourself and other people. There is no point hoarding and carrying a heavy rucksack of bitterness, grudges or anger.

14. Let Go of Negative Emotions

Negative emotions may stimulate in the short run but eventually, they are deleterious to your health and happy life. Learn how to channel them in a positive way, reading the article linked to this tip.

15. Be Mindful

Mindfulness is in fashion now, but it is a must for a happy life. We need to be present with everything done while more often while doing something, a train of thought overshadows the presence.

16. Eradicate Guilt

There are two kinds of guilt: the healthy and unhealthy one. However, whichever of them concerns you, do your best to eradicate it as soon as possible. There is no reason for feeling guilty. You can always apologise, redeem the wrong done and correct the mistakes learning the lesson the next time.

17. Love Yourself

A happy life is about self-love. This attitude helps to with creating nurturing relationships – with your partner, co-workers and friends. Then you do not beat yourself for mistakes and enjoy life to the fullest.

18. Beware Of Your Thoughts

Put all negative thoughts to the bin, literally utilising them. Your mind – garden needs to be weeds-free, otherwise life will control you. Remember that thoughts manifest in your life, so think only the positive ones. And most of the thoughts are not yours, so pick them up wisely.

19. Be Careful of Your Language

You words become the reality, the same as thoughts. Think of other people’s reactions on your words of criticism, insults, cursing or threats. Beware of your self-talk, too. Is it positive or do you beat up yourself?

20. Change Your Limiting Beliefs

I have written some articles about this topic. Check them and transform your limiting beliefs so that you will live a fulfilled, happy life.

20 + 1 Bring Harmony To all Areas of Life

It often happens that we focus on one area of life more than the rest. For example, a workaholic lives the work, neglecting his/her family and health. If you want to have a happy life, balance all the fields: relationships/family, work and money, health, fun and regeneration. All of them are equally important.

In a Nutshell

Today I have given you the digest of my blog’s content. It is not all and you are welcome to study even more articles than those suggested in today’s post. Enjoy reading and good luck with implementing the knowledge in your life.

Victoria Herocten

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