15 Questions That Will Change Your Life

quantum questions

We all know that words transform. Moreover, it is proved that questions are even more powerful than statements in changing your reality. Today I will present you 15 quantum questions which will help you to create a happy life.

Quantum Questions

There are different kinds of questions in our life and most we know from childhood and school times. Very few of us, however, know the quantum questions. You can buy books containing them in the number of e.g. 101. Yet normally we do not use so many of them on an everyday basis.

My goal is to present you part of these questions, but in the way that will enable you the most efficient use of them.

Why Quantum Questions Work

Every thought you think, every word you say and every deed you do are the messages sent to the Universe. Moreover, each your word thought and deed brings consequences in your life. The point is to have a happy, fulfilled life.

While using the quantum questions, you activate the universal laws. One of the most popular of them is the Law of Cause and Effect – what you have sown you will reap.

Asking questions force you to find an answer. Just think what happens when a child at the age of 3 or 4 asks a countless number of questions. Later we learn that it is rude to ask too much and our creativity is killed. But the good news is that it is never too late to revive the inner child’s curiosity, even if you only ask these questions yourself.

There Is One Condition

If you want quantum questions to work for you, forget about negativity and sabotaging beliefs. You need to be constantly open to the new opportunities and options offered to you by the Universe. Yet even if you are struggling with the negative thoughts and beliefs like most of us, using these questions will help you more than not using them.

I have described many tools on how to change your thinking and beliefs.  Here are some examples:

Closing the Past
Changing Beliefs
Changing Negative Thinking

It is up to you if you pull up your sleeves and start changing your life by transforming your thoughts, words, and beliefs. I hope that you are ready to do so and as a bonus, use the questions I will present you below.

You also need FAITH that the Universe will help you to become happy.  Talking to the Universe without believing that you will be heard will not work. And the last but not least – focus on what you WANT to achieve or get instead of what you LACK.

The 15 Quantum Questions

Before you read the questions, learn HOW to use them. It is proved by science that if you want to transform your subconscious mind, the time before falling asleep and just after waking up is the best. And remember that your subconsciousness is the best catalyst between you and the Universe. Here are the 15 questions:

  1. Who nice will meet today?
  2.  What else is needed to receive the thing I am asking for?
  3. What else is possible to achieve my goal?
  4. What awesome blessing has the Universe prepared for me today?
  5. What good things will happen today?
  6. How would it be to stay open for love?
  7. How would it be to enjoy full health and vitality?
  8. How would it be to have financial freedom?
  9. How would I feel like the happy wife/husband etc.?
  10. How could it be even better?
  11.  How would it be to achieve success?
  12. How would it be to stay open for abundance and financial freedom?
  13. How would it be if I met a nice boyfriend/girlfriend who will love and respect me?
  14.  How would it be to materialize the beauty, health, vitality in my body?
  15. How quickly reduce stress, stop smoking, release anger ect.?

As you can see, some of these questions start with the same beginning: “How would it be…?” I have given you only some examples of what kind of full quantum questions create with this stem which triggers our imagination which is the catalyst to the subconscious and superconscious mind.

In a Nutshell

Asking quantum questions is one of the best tools to start working on your permanent happiness. These questions do not suggest the answer, you give the Universe some flexibility to bring you some blessings as surprises. Remember to have decent intentions using questions listed above because in the other case, even if they may work, the consequences you will bear will not be nice (i.e. what you have sown you will reap.)

Victoria Herocten

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