14 Efficient Affirmations For Winning an Addiction

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You can ask: “How can affirmations be effective in overcoming an addiction? My today’s post will give you the answer.

“Sometimes you can only find Heaven by slowly backing away from Hell.” – Carrie Fisher

I know, you have probably tried many methods to stop smoking, procrastinating or eating junk food. I have a good news for you: Changing your habits, i.e. giving up addictions, is possible by using affirmations. How can you do it?

How Affirmations Can Help You to Give Up an Addiction

Choose the affirmation from the list below. Not all of them may be applicable in your case, but choose at least one and start working on it instantly, for at least 30 days, but I’d recommend you 90 days.

Create a Desire, Your Why

It is not enough to read or write the affirmations. You need to know why you want to use them. Otherwise, it is very easy to resign from regular practice and you will not achieve the desirable effect. Take a notebook or diary and list your five reasons why you need to use affirmations. Even better, list five benefits of using the affirmations.


Brian Tracy wrote in one of his famous books that everything can be unlearned, and bad habits in particular. Yet all starts with the way you think. Therefore, use affirmations to reprogram your thoughts. If you do it often enough, eventually you will see the world in a different, moire positive way which will help you go stop an addiction.

14 Efficient Affirmations For Winning an Addiction

Here is the list of the 14 efficient affirmations for winning an addiction. Choose one of them and for the next 30 days write it down at least 9 times in your diary, then reading it aloud. Also, think of the affirmation before falling asleep and after waking up.

  • I lovingly take back my power. I release this old idea and let it go.
  • I give myself permission to change.
  • No person, place, or thing has any power over me. I am free.
  • I create a new life with new rules that totally support me.
  • The past is over. I choose to love and approve of myself in the now.
  • I easily and comfortably release that which I no longer need in life.
  • I am doing the best I can. I am wonderful. I am at peace.
  • I am willing to change and grow. I now create a safe, new future.
  • I refuse to limit myself. I am always willing to take the next step.
  • I choose to handle all my experiences with love, joy, and ease.
  • I now choose to support myself in loving, joyous ways.
  • All desire for cigarettes [or alcohol or whatever it is you’re addicted to] has left me and I am free.
  • I move beyond past limitations into the freedom of the now.
  • I love and cherish myself. It is safe for me to care for myself.
  • I love and approve of myself.


>What is your favourite affirmation for stopping addictions?

I’d like to hear from you so share your conclusions with others who will read this blog, as maybe you will help someone to avoid mistakes and become a happy person. Thank you.

Victoria Herocten

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