12 Keys to Crack the Code of Happiness And More #2


Many people have asked me lately: “How can I crack the code of happiness?” My answer is: Use the twelve keys described in my two posts. Today you will meet the second half of them.

“For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness.”
― Ralph Waldo Emerson

So what are the six remaining codes of happiness? Let’s recall the first ones so that you will see the whole picture of the toolkit:

12 Keys to Crack the Code of Happiness

  1. Meet your values
  2. Meet your life path
  3. Create a compelling life mission
  4. Take Your Life in your hands
  5. Transform your beliefs

6. Transform your Thoughts

You can also find some posts about changing your thoughts on that blog. Why is it so important? Because negative thoughts kill your happiness, your peace of mind, bring a mess to your emotions. Just one negative thought can cause that your mood will shift to the negative one.

Your thoughts are the plants which are consistently sown in your mind – by your subconscious mind and by other people. Thoughts are like the plants above ground. Beliefs are the roots. Therefore you need to work on both – thoughts and beliefs.

7. Transform Your Language

Your language can be compared to the flowers of the plant representing your thoughts and beliefs. Think of the words, metaphors and questions you ask every day. Do you focus on problems or solutions? Can you see opportunities or only obstacles?

Action Exercise

For the next three days log your language. You can record your self-talk and then analyse it. If there is lots of negativity, time to switch to the happiness language. For example, instead of saying “irritated,” “hurt,” “insulted” say “uncomfortable”; instead of “it’s impossible” say “I’m looking for a solution. You will find more examples in my book Awaken mega Happiness.

8. Transform your Habits

How do you spend your day? What things do you usually do? Do your activities bring you closer to happiness? For example, how do watching violence and negative news on TV help you to be happy? You might ask what to do instead. I will give you some examples: Meditate, practise forgiveness, and gratitude, help others, work on your beliefs and thoughts (e.g. by writing and reading affirmations).

Action Exercise

Sit down, take your happiness diary and list what you do every day and what you could change to live the happier life. You will need to eliminate some unproductive and harmful habits to have the time for the new, more uplifting ones. Good luck

9. Set Compelling Goals

Life without goals will never bring you happiness. Setting goals gives you direction, and you have more control over your life which in turn will make you happier. Having goals will help you to make your dreams reality, and this is always the reason for satisfaction.

Action Exercise

We have just started a new year. Think of your goals for the next twelve months. If you have not set them yet, it is the highest time to do so. Otherwise, you will waste your time for unhappy life. How to set goals? There are some posts about goals on my website. I will also teach you how to set goals in Awaken mega Happiness.

10. Invest your Energy Wisely

While setting goals, make sure that you invest your energy wisely. That is why having positive habits is so important. Remember that you have only 24 hours of time per day and also a limited amount of energy. If you waste your energy for negative thinking or working on other people’s happiness, you will not be able to be happy yourself. Use the first things first principle to work productively

11. Always Believe that You Can Do It

How may times do you doubt that you can achieve your goals? If so, start using some powerful affirmations, e.g. “I can do it” or “I will handle it.” There is also a special kind of music for removing subconscious blockages. Use uplifting questions to change your focus. For example: “How can I turn this situation around?”, “What is the solution?”

12. Find a Guide

It can be a book or a person who will help you to crack the codes of happiness and who will motivate you to pursue your goals. You can find one of the options by clicking this link.


If you were brought up in a dysfunctional family, it would take you some time to create a happy life. However, whichever step you follow from my last two posts, you will be much closer to happiness than ever before.

And Last But not Least

I’d like to hear from you, so share your conclusions with others who will read this blog, as maybe you will help someone to avoid mistakes and become a happy person. Thank you.

Victoria Herocten




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