10 Most Toxic People You Should Avoid #2

toxic peopleThere are at least 10 warning signs which will help you to identify and avoid toxic people. You met 5 of the warning signs in my last post. Today I will teach you how to recognize another 5 of them.

You have already learnt that arrogance, victimism, envy and control mania help you identify and avoid toxic people. Here are the next, also very important warning signs:

6. Toxic people lie

There will be people who lie because it is a human negative trait. However, chronic liars are harmful because you never know what to believe. Therefore, you cannot count on their promises or their word. Toxic people will lie to you about others, and they will also lie to others about you. Cheating and fear of being criticized are typically masked by lies.

7. Toxic people are judgmental

There is a big difference between making a judgment and being judgmental. Being judgmental is just about criticism while judgments are objective and based on discernment. Toxic people are always quick to jump to conclusions and are poor listeners or communicators. Being judgmental is manifested by labeling and destructive criticism.

8. Toxic people are greedy

We often want more, achieve more, earn more. Rat race is present everywhere and becomes more fierce. That kind of desire and ambition can be good to some degree. But it becomes toxic when people want it all and mostly by having, rather than doing or being, becomes the focus of their life. Greed can lead to end justifying the means and unfair play. This happens mainly in the workplace or between friends, but the most harmful cases are within relationships and family.

9. Toxic people lack of character

Toxic people lack integrity and honesty while cheating, lying and manipulating. These warning signs are part of their norm. There are few things they will not do to achieve their goals. If toxic people decide that you are an obstacle to them, they will come after you with everything they have got.

10. Toxic people are gossipers

Gossipers see themselves as having a deep conversation about someone. They treat it as an exchange of information. This kind of toxic people elevate themselves above their insecurity. There is no distinction between speculation and fact and only few things are more destructive than gossip. It is the most dangerous among friends and at work, but you can also face with gossipers within your family.

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Take action.

You may be suffering from exposure to a toxic person if any of the attributes described today and in my last post sound familiar. Never wait until tomorrow to free yourself from toxic people. And if you are unable to do so, find some help and take action. Prepare a plan, write it down in the journal of success and take the first step now.

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