Your Best Christmas Present…

christmas presentsTomorrow we will celebrate another Christmas. You have been preparing long this event. Which Christmas present is one which will help you the most to become a great person?

To tall the truth, there can be some of such presents.

1. A good mentor

Well, you will not get the person for Christmas present, but some words of wisdom are precious. Your mentor can also give you some time – after Christmas – when you can polish your skills, e.g. assertiveness ones.

2. A tool for monitoring your progress

Well, HabitBull is a great mobile application which enables you daily monitoring of your progress. For free, you can set 5 habits that you want to monitor and daily mark successful ones. Well, the application is available online, but a good with it is definitely a good present.

3. A new diary, with uplifting quotes

It will help you to start every day with positivity. You can also use this diary to reprogram your life, to cross out negative thoughts. You can also write there your own golden thoughts, empowering quotes and words of wisdom.

4. A free hour from counsellor

Well, it does usually happen but I am sure that there are counsellors who organize Christmas promotions and you can get a discount. You can also propose such initiative to your counsellor.

I am sure that you can find much more attractive Christmas presents, not just things, vouchers or holidays – just something durable. I wish you a very festive and empowering Christmas – despite the challenges that you have to face every day, living in a toxic relationship. remember, you do not have to spend Christmas with your toxic partner.

Please leave your comment under this post – what other good Christmas presents could you recommend, these which will make an everlasting positive change in your life.

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