Negative Emotions: 4 Ways To Release

negative emotions

It is very important to release negative emotions. Otherwise, they will control you. There are 4 efficient ways how to do it.

1. Scream To Release negative Emotions

Go into an empty room or for a drive alone. Scream as loudly as you can. Scream the words which name the emotion: “I hate,” „I’m screwed”etc. Unfortunately, many people have never screamed out their hurt or rage. Continue crying until you feel right inside. Also, allow yourself to grieve your feeling.

If you cannot scream aloud, imagine that you are screaming your hurt, rage, and pain. Imagine it, using all the senses. See your mouth open and feel how the vibrations of your voice destroy anger, hurt or suffering. Feel the razor of your sounds chopping the emotion into small pieces.

2. Physical Activity

This is another way of releasing negative emotions. Take a pillow and keep hitting your bed, a chair, feeling your hurt or fury every time you hit that object with the pillow. While running that bed of pillow, say the words “I hate” or “I am frustrated” or whatever it is that you are feeling.

Take your fists and keep pounding a table saying, “I hate”. Continue doing it until you feel better.
Getting yourself a punching bag and hang it in your basement is another „physical” method. When you feel pain, anger or fury, take the time to keep hitting that punching bag, to release your negative emotion.

3. Use Your Hands To Release Negative Emotions

Write about how afraid you are; write about your hate; write about your anger; write about how to hurt you are. Describe what you have lost, what happened and how it is affecting you today. Write about what you have never had that has hurt you so deeply. You may also cry or scream, discovering your emotions.

Remember that one negative emotion can mask another. Anger and hurt often manifest underlying fear. It often happens because we don’t want to show fear, being vulnerable then. It is easier to show more powerful emotion, like anger, or even use this emotion to manipulate other people.
Always realize that you are hating, that you are full of rage and, full of anger, but that this is a safe way to begin to accept your hate, your anger. You can own your hate and anger as your own. You can often be too afraid to lose control or just afraid of the intensity of our rage, that you avoid and ignore. However, the more you ignore your negative emotions, the bigger they become.

Focus on the emotion rather than what caused it. You have already examined and introspected it. While releasing your negative emotions, forget who did what that caused the emotion, about the person who did something to you. Instead, concentrate on the “I hate”, “I am so hurt”, “I am angry” It’s the emotion you need to release. Never be afraid to feel your feelings as feeling them means owning them.

4. Talk To Your Friend

To release negative emotions, tell one human being one time only about the situation that caused the feeling buried within you. Explain in detail what happened, your feelings around this experience, and how this experience is affecting your life today.

You may often hide your feelings and life’s happenings because you are ashamed and somehow feel things happen to us because we are “wrong people”. Telling your story to a friend will help you to gain a healthier perspective on the situation.

>However, if you keep repeating the story to different people, talking about it many times, thinking about it over and over again, then you will create a recurring negative thought and even a belief.  Then this new thinking or negative thoughts pattern becomes another problem rather than part of the solution.

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