Victoria HeroctenMy name is Victoria Herocten and I am a happiness expert.

I will help you to find practical ways to be happier despite your limits. I do that through coaching, speaking, and writing since 2009.

My life mission is to help you to live the full life, being happy despite your limits  – external and internal.

How I Became a Happiness Expert


I used to be unhappy, and now I’m happy. However, before it happened, I had to struggle with painful experiences – from toxic relationships to changing jobs and even moving to another country.

However, each experience, no matter how painful has taught me something and is an inspiration for helping other people now. It took me over 10 years to find my current strength and being able to share what tools available in the field of self-development work and which don’t.

I have read many uplifting books and am still doing so, have met empowering people who have taught me to be happy. They were often strict teachers and the tools they have recommended were not easy to apply.

To become a happiness expert, I am continuously developing the happiness skills – like positive thinking and changing beliefs for more uplifting ones. I constantly monitor my progress and set more and more challenging goals. And this is the only workable way becoming happy for the long run.

I want to tell you: happiness is possible, even if sometimes it requires paying the price of determination and self-discipline. You can help me to make a better difference in the world, commenting my articles and sharing them with other people.

If you are struggling with a long-term illness or want to leave an abusive relationship and start a happy life again, visit my site regularly and learn hew happiness tips.

My Achievements

I have written “23 Questions About Domestic Abuse” and produced some videos. I have cooperated with Donna Kozik, a famous coach in the field of writing books. I am the co-author of “The Gratitude Book” published in 2009, which was a best-seller on

My first self-published book will be launched soon.

I am the member of Wexford Toastmasters, where I have delivered 142 speeches This year I am also the member of the Club Committe.


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